dengue in a sentence

Example sentences for dengue

Stagnant puddles buzzing with dengue-spreading mosquitoes.
From early on the company embarked on vigorous research projects to conquer tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.
Dengue is a recurring disease that has been afflicting the city for the past decades.
The aim is to enable a quick response to any outbreak of avian flu, cholera, malaria or dengue fever.
In its early stages it can be mistaken for the flu, and in the more severe later stage it can mimic dengue fever.
She knows she's had dengue fever once, though, and she won't likely forget being attacked by bandits at a train station.
Irons' family said he was suffering from dengue fever, a viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical climates.
Dengue fever can cause internal bleeding, which may be life-threatening.
These mosquitoes transport many diseases and viruses that include malaria and dengue fever.
Occasionally there will be an outbreak of dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.
Warmer, wetter weather there is already fueling an increase in mosquito-borne tropical diseases such as dengue fever.
Health recommendations for travelers to dengue risk areas.
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