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Example sentences for demoralized

They were often demoralized, but they came into work everyday with a recognition that there were some things that they could do.
Those who faltered were often demoralized before the event, while those who excelled were optimistic.
All of us listening to the radio were totally shocked and demoralized by this news.
He was persecuted, arrested and demoralized by the selfishness of the people who are supposed to care.
Its leadership is now timid and its staff demoralized.
The refugees give the impression of being severely demoralized.
Even the best people can be demoralized by years of persecution and the shock of regaining their lost stature.
By the time he returned, other fighters had gathered nearby and were obviously demoralized.
Others were standing around in a demoralized little group.
The family was horrified and demoralized by their new father.
At this stage of the street riots, the student recounted, he had grown demoralized.
The malaise could stem from a workplace that's been demoralized by layoffs and budget cuts.
And that's less likely when we're whacking teachers unions in ways that leave many teachers feeling insulted and demoralized.
He finds, too, that his other friends are demoralized and apathetic.
Thanks to the country's greedy political leaders, the army was badly equipped, poorly trained and demoralized.
In addition to providing a tactical advantage, the balloon also demoralized the enemy troops.
Yet the losses they had suffered greatly demoralized them.
Without us, our domestic health care system could have collapsed and resulted in a sick and demoralized nation.
Public support for the war was waning and his troops were wearied and demoralized.
He said that the people are demoralized by an economy in shambles.
Students and teachers were demoralized and academic performance was poor.

Famous quotes containing the word demoralized

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