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Example sentences for demonstrative

The hall was packed with attentive but demonstrative people who seemed to regard her as an old friend.
Even if it has a reference, it is only demonstrative and not substantial.
Drummond is known for demonstrative behavior, but today's civil disobedience threw the world championships into momentary chaos.
Some air-kissers out there are wondering if they should be less demonstrative with all the warnings from public health officials.
It gives a demonstrative bittersweetness to a likable but small story.
Picture a crowd, excited and demonstrative to the point of ecstasy.
Negotiations must be backed up, when necessary, by timely and demonstrative military presence.
But her slinky, demonstrative performance is way out of proportion to the tepid film built around it.
Law has come to appreciate the coach's prodding him to be more demonstrative.
Weaver, a demonstrative pitcher, kept his composure at important moments.
In this phrase the is not the article, but an adverb, either relative or demonstrative.
Then he walked up the gulch, past the cabin, still whistling with demonstrative unconcern.
His friendship was rather constant than demonstrative.
Demonstrative evidence, on the other hand, has a lower standard for admissibility.
The first method is to use the presumptive approach and the other is using the demonstrative approach.
Cognitive psychology relies on demonstrative or logical reasoning.
Demonstrative exhibits need to fairly and accurately represent the evidence.
Offenders earn advancement in the program's phase system through demonstrative responsible behavior and proper living.
Prepares charts, graphs and other demonstrative exhibits to illustrate findings.

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