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Instead, they have to demonstrate that they are actively benefiting the public.
No longer will officials and the public feel so constrained by a need to demonstrate a unity of purpose.
Your primary goal is not to show off your profundity but to demonstrate how effectively you can communicate.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
These projects will demonstrate the profound ways in which geography matters to all of us.
In order to continue leveraging debt, they need to demonstrate growth.
Macaque mothers demonstrate tool use to their young.
The three examples described here demonstrate the range of possibilities.
To demonstrate how she finds and refinishes pieces, she looked for an old chair to revamp.
Loads of laws made especially to control people's freedom and make them not to be able to demonstrate peacefully.
As these stories demonstrate, the difference between sin and virtue is that while virtue shares pleasure, sin exploits it.
They are the first organisms to demonstrate this ability.
The materials used must demonstrate an understanding of nature by the architect.
Sit down face to face with them and demonstrate your research and knowledge about the artist in whom you're interested.
Tilt the pan in different directions and disturb the water in other ways to demonstrate how waves of different sizes are formed.
He used the test to demonstrate self-recognition by chimpanzees.
Demonstrate to students that by folding one cut segment over the other, a three-dimensional diorama is formed.
Have students demonstrate how to use a geographic perspective at home with their families.
The challenges presented by the steeplechase require the competing horses and jockeys to demonstrate a variety of riding skills.
The rooms clearly demonstrate the rich cultural history of the city.
Students and professors get involved in their community to demonstrate how they can make a difference in the world around them.
Students have to demonstrate intellectual ability over time and across a range of subjects.
Hale joins the conversation to demonstrate some of her voice-over techniques, including the finer points of grunting.
His grand goal was to unify the field, to demonstrate how many of the seemingly unrelated byways of mathematics were related.
As the last few years demonstrate, financial innovations can be used as tools of economic destruction.
Of course, many private-equity fund managers would argue that academic studies already demonstrate they have such virtues.
But he has already been able to demonstrate that infecting cancer cells with a red glow can help reveal prostate tumours.
Plenty of studies demonstrate the role of a good legal environment to financial markets.
Nonetheless, she was eager to demonstrate the safety of her process and to comply with all regulations.
In effect, the paper should demonstrate to rational investors that eclipses do in fact temporarily lower stock prices.
The findings in this year's report demonstrate a continuing trend in scientific innovation.
Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate broad conceptual and theoretical contributions to the field.
However, you fail to demonstrate what research had been done before and how what you do ties into that research.
Answering questions after a presentation provides an opportunity to demonstrate one's knowledge, unscripted.
But it is clearly demarcated as having been done, since the point is to demonstrate feasibility.
In fact, the latter may demonstrate more mature reflection than the former.
Kate feels my not leaving with her would demonstrate a lack of support.
We have an obligation to demonstrate them to the world.
Potential pilots must demonstrate that they can tolerate being in cramped quarters, alone, for long periods.
We demonstrate that this processing difficulty causes non-native speakers to sound less credible.
He even produces a graph to demonstrate why failure is all but inevitable.
To demonstrate this phenomenon for yourself, hold your nose and place a strawberry jelly bean in your mouth and chew.
Moreover, they demonstrate that research in the visual arts can result in important findings about the visual system.
It was whether they could name colors independent of context, and thereby demonstrate knowledge of color categories.
If enacted, chemical companies would be required to demonstrate the safety of their products before marketing them.
We should have required users to demonstrate that they can recognize and name simple shapes and colors before selling them phones.
Taken together, these studies demonstrate that popular stereotypes of marijuana users are unfair and untrue.
Protesters filled the streets to demonstrate against our policies.
All indication seem to demonstrate that nothing intelligent is coming from our end either.
It has been activated only once, to perform a relatively mundane spamming operation-enough to demonstrate that it is not benign.
So far the device has undergone testing in animals and humans to demonstrate proof of concept.
He must demonstrate his opponents' unworthiness without seeming to brush them off.
The point is to demonstrate wide participation, mock the authorities, and deprive them of their capacity to generate fear.
But it has been more difficult to demonstrate other suspected connections, chiefly that of noise-related stress to heart disease.
There can be no deep thought without the proper use of words, as our current president never fails to demonstrate.
It's illegal to demonstrate on the steps of the highest court in the nation.
Our findings nevertheless demonstrate a novel form of selection in human populations on the basis of social prestige.
Moreover, our results demonstrate that the study of deep ascending genealogies can accurately reveal population structure.
These results demonstrate the cross-modal influence that unpleasant odors can have on people's judgments of facial attractiveness.
To guess is one thing, to demonstrate is quite another.
Find something wrong with it and demonstrate the problem with evidence and research.
Science has yet to demonstrate it is equipped at making these complex, societal determinations.
Therefore you must demonstrate that the deviations will still make a close enough copy to be a mind clone.
Then, demonstrate that you've got traction that is pulling you in that direction.
Sorry but unless you can demonstrate that all substantial climate feedbacks have been addressed, you can't model climate reliably.
It is easy to demonstrate that the details of the story are technically flawed.
Researchers demonstrate a new way to refine magnetic control of tiny robotic pushers.
One startup is scaling up experimental techniques to demonstrate the commercial potential of cellulosic ethanol.
All they have to do now is demonstrate that their tractor beam works.
Pop says the next step is to demonstrate millions of read-write cycles and larger arrays.
They are quantized, which means they can demonstrate the strange properties of quantum mechanics.
Patent examiners must use prior art to demonstrate that an invention is both novel and nonobvious.
The next step is to demonstrate the process on commercial-scale equipment.
To demonstrate the device, they used it to grasp and maneuver tiny beads and clumps of cells in a petri dish.
The researchers have already started to demonstrate in experimental devices the performance that their simulations predicted.
Exasperating the ordinary word officer, who expects enlisted words to demonstrate clarity, brevity and work ethic.
Strive for fairness or demonstrate allegiance to a cause to get the best results.
As these images demonstrate, they speak to us through a perfect balance of the mind and the spirit.
What credentials can you present to demonstrate that you have a right to be as intellectually arrogant as you are.
In a fast-growing economy, status symbols are the easiest way to demonstrate wealth and power.
We have data to demonstrate that superstars don't get that treatment.

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