demolition in a sentence

Example sentences for demolition

Demolition on the site has already begun, reports say.
It was, presumably, a candidate for either renovation or demolition.
The city declared the charming but architecturally undistinguished buildings historic landmarks, blocking demolition for a year.
Except for the demolition of the old buildings, nothing came of either plan.
Even so, few of them defy demolition for more than a few decades.
People whose houses face demolition complain about stingy compensation.
Then private investors can come in and build something new without the demolition expense.
They were destroyed in a planned, controlled demolition.
The notices said the demolition was being done to make way for a road leading to the capital's south train station.
Later in the day, the car exploded when a demolition team failed to disarm it, but no one was injured.
Or they rebuild the engines, knowing they will be in a demolition derby.

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