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But they are not protected from eviction if the landlord gets approval to demolish the building.
Preservationists had fought a plan to demolish the building, according to the article.
Its easier to demolish seats then to change a trade tariff.
Costs of decommissioning demolish the economics of nuclear power.
The easiest solution is to demolish such structures.
Add an owner eager to sell it and a buyer who may want to demolish it.
It is not difficult to demolish each argument in turn.
Some wanted to demolish the building and build anew on its site.
Take that away and you demolish the largest driver of economic growth on the planet.
He then erects a straw tenet only to demolish it on the ground of its absurdity.
The enormous energy of a tsunami can lift giant boulders, flip vehicles, and demolish houses.
Farmers were mobilized to demolish parts of the wall and use the bricks for building houses, pigpens, and walls.
He proceeded to demolish the prevailing theoretical models for how planets form.
It's struggling to demolish thousands of abandoned houses.
One wing of government, in other words, is partnering with tobacco while the other is trying to demolish it.
He thinks now he can prove that they don't need to demolish the rink.
Capitalism is supposed to be revolutionary: demolish the old and usher in the new, without regard for tradition or custom.
The plan, he'd heard, was to demolish the whole block and replace it with a high-rise condominium and office complex.
She tells him he should try to build up her confidence, instead of doing everything to demolish it.
Without the slightest difficulty, he could establish settlements in one decade and demolish them in another.
To demolish his principles might have been worth while.
No less easily one might demolish the alleged rule of the two unities.
These incorrigible children proceed at once, of course, to demolish the theories.
Please require the owner of this building to demolish it.
We are allowing greedy developers to demolish the character of our cities and to erect buildings without soul.
The freeze seemed to demolish every bit of green on the tree.
Though even if something were discovered that did travel faster than the speed of light, it wouldn't demolish current-day physics.
They're have been many proposals to demolish the building, but the park has survived them all.
It boggles my mind because it is so easy to demolish.
Ultimately, the only option is to demolish the estates, yet that creates almost as many problems as it solves.
As a prisoner he was sent to demolish a munitions factory.
Second, the construction industry must demolish all parking garages, then build the pastures.
They would demolish the autocracy soon in near future when they find communists to be incompetent and outdated.
Next month, a judge is to decide whether to let the township demolish the house.
But in search of beauty, the owners skipped a few legal steps, and almost had to demolish what everyone praised.
But even if it was only a dollar more, it would demolish your premise.
He showed how a statistical approach to the problems of medicine could demolish popular but mystical theories of disease.
Demolish and dispose of interior finishes, walls, etc as described below and on the drawings.
Contractor shall demolish existing face of building to accommodate new fire rated exterior, double door, see drawings for details.

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