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For a college admissions officer, demography is destiny.
Market research demography is a creativity buzz kill.
Texts on world demography risk being every bit as dry as the numbers underlying explosive population growth.
Check the demography of developed contries.
The data is not just population and demography, it is also human geography and cartography.
And here it is necessary to point out the conflict between the interests of demography and of the individual.
In all these universities the emphasis has been primarily on demography and on the economic aspects of population growth.
The one novelty here is an unusual attention to demography.
One area of difference has not got the attention it deserves: demography.
The number of generalists -- family doctors -- is a function of demography.
The celebrations, though, reflected symbolism more than demography.
Two other examples come from epidemiology and demography.
It goes into demography: how groups are formed, how they compete, how communication evolves.
Useful article, acceptance for demography the time to put it together.
Demography used to be thought of as neutral for growth.
Demography means virtually all of us will have to work longer.
Second, and more subtly, one can look at demography.
Its demography, nukes and growing economy make that almost inevitable.
Demography, which has disguised the extent of the problem so far, will eventually exacerbate it.
Populations can rise while fertility declines because of inertia, which matters a lot in demography.

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