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The demographics of e-readers are unusual.
He said the station was going after the ratings and the demographics which would again put it on top.
The management is adapting to the area's new demographics by updating the décor.
They advertise on television because it reaches the most consumers in the key demographics of 18-39 year old males.
This time the test was what ecologists term "beta" diversity: how species demographics vary across a landscape.
All of the colleges and universities in the region face unfavorable demographics.
These numbers and more come from a study released Wednesday that examines the behaviors and demographics of social gamers.
Whilst the primary gaming demographics have proven to be late teens to late twenties.
And the executives evince their greatest excitement for ratings and demographics.
They are created for different markets, as they are created for different networks, and different demographics.
But of course, some of the musical demographics hold true across cultures.
Find the latest population figures and demographics about your community, zip code, or state.
Computers can pick out with quite high certainty the demographics of people based on their writing styles.
The demographics of the people who deny evolution are remarkably similar to those of the people who deny climate change.
Which makes me wonder from where your demographics originate.
Both groups shared roughly the same demographics, including smokers vs nonsmokers.
Much of this could be marketing, and much of it could be demographics.
In part this reflects the demographics of who has access.
Worry about bad demographics when you actually get there.
One response is to try to alter the demographics by encouraging immigration of younger workers.
Nonetheless, some fall is almost certain, if only because of demographics.
Predicting the future is always fraught with peril, yes, but demographics is an exception.
The effects of demographics on consumer consumption cannot be ignored.
The demographics of fewer births and longer lives reinforce the cyclical trend.
His plan will take into account financing, demographics and geography.
Changing demographics make this all the more important.
Given the changing and future demographics of our country and our nation's need to be innovative and creative, this is a problem.
Then study such items as course offerings, student and faculty demographics, and the college's history and mission statement.
The fears are linked to the quickly changing demographics in the country.
Then one distinguishes between what will happen by natural demographics and what requires additional efforts.
Demographics have increased the service load for mid-career and senior faculty.
They collect information on the demographics of professors, broken down by discipline and rank.
The demographics of the film festival were surprising.
The explanations offered for these downwardly expanding demographics are various, and not at all mutually exclusive.
The same demographics that produced a long-term restaurant revolution and shaped today's dining-out habits haven't changed.
From food to language to demographics, the coherence of categories has become something of a joke.
And the demographics of each household could be more easily identified and marketed to, based on its programming choices.
On simple demographics alone, the landscape startles.
It is clear that riding the globalization wave has had uneven effects across different demographics in different countries.
The demographics of the national high school population are changing in a dramatic fashion.
They don't have paid linguists who study framing with focus groups to target key demographics.
In fact, our current educational demographics point to growing shortfalls in some of the skills needed in the modern economy.
People in democracies have little interest in the harsh methods necessary to rapidly change demographics.
Changing demographics, however, are shrinking white voters as a segment of the electorate.
But one factor frequently cited by criminologists is demographics.
It is time to stop pointing fingers and blame the results on demographics.
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