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He has a gentle, watchful demeanor.
What is the one thing you would notice about his demeanor? Fearlessness.
This verb demean developed from the noun demeanor, meaning deportment, behavior.
When he finally spoke, his demeanor and tone were deadpan.
The shark was very recognizable just by his size, shape, and demeanor.
Therefore, they adopt a serious demeanor which makes them unapproachable.
Even as he concedes this, however, one can sense the continuing irritation lurking beneath his genial demeanor.
Hapless Max maintains a happy-go-lucky demeanor in any situation, a shining example of patience and perseverance.
It also offers street-smart advice on effective demeanor, a cooperative style and the bargaining process.
Your demeanor matters more than your "objective" looks.
The expectation of the vital and great can only be satisfied by the demeanor of the vital and great.
It means a serious demeanor: smiling, eye contact, but not flirting.
On the bright side, watching your soon-to-be former colleagues feign a casual demeanor can be hilarious.
Everyone who has ever interviewed for a grocery bagging job knows that a clingy, desperate demeanor is a huge turnoff.
Language does matter, and part of language is the demeanor one effects when speaking.
Though he appeared flustered at the start of the interview, he regained his footing and maintained his usual unflappable demeanor.
His entire demeanor changed during that portion of the night.
Their demeanor typically features gratefulness marbled with a stoic weariness.
Behind his quiet, corporate-smoothie demeanor lies a venerable background in leftist politics.
Patients are unbelievably sensitive to every nuance of a caregiver's demeanor.
And there was something about the president's demeanor that suggested to me at last that he knows why he got this office.
Her demeanor for the next forty-eight hours didn't vary.
His still, calm demeanor makes for an interesting portrait among the action.
Wearing a white dress shirt and jeans, his demeanor entirely professional, he attracted no attention.
Her curious and determined demeanor helps her overcome many of the challenges she runs into.
Her unladylike demeanor and unorthodox methods led to friction with some of her colleagues and university administrators.
Her quiet demeanor and perseverance through all the trials in her life are truly admirable.
He's been focused on the task at hand, quietly keeping to himself and offering a more-serious demeanor at the table.
By the fourth season, his demeanor is decidedly more somber.
Her halting voice and self-conscious demeanor make an island of negative charisma onstage.
He exudes a mystical demeanor that must serve him well while working with big architects and their notoriously big egos.
He is stocky and thickly bearded, with a gentle demeanor and immense knowledge.
He was well-known for his super-enthusiastic demeanor, which always cracked me up.
Her demeanor impressed friend and foe of the nomination alike.
His stoop, averted gaze, and frightened demeanor have gradually faded.
He was, he later remembered, attracted to her cool demeanor and willowy good looks.
His demeanor is slightly distracted, earnest yet mildly mischievous.
No doubt as a result of that, despite his friendly demeanor, there's a permanently wary look in his eyes.
Her partying and odd demeanor bothered many observers.
Compared to his usual fifties-dad, uptight demeanor, he seemed almost relaxed.
Everything about his demeanor projected no mens rea-no sense that he had done anything wrong.
His demeanor is one of a calm and truthful politician.
But his demeanor and tendency to follow the current makes his posturing pretty obvious.
It is his demeanor in the face of relentless, negative attacks.
His careful demeanor is evidence of phoniness rather than maturity and discipline.
Your demeanor stands out, and people want to be with you.
His amiable demeanor, personal magnetism, impeccable loyalty and inclusiveness were the keys to his success.
But the challenge of the moment was about demeanor, not substance.
AS is a developmental disorder that affects movement, speech, and social demeanor.
Always maintain a constructive tone, along with a calm and professional demeanor.
The surveys indicate that the judge's demeanor is sometimes impatient, testy, rude and arrogant.
It also relates to the conduct and demeanor of individual workers and the standards guiding what they do.
Customer service skills and professional demeanor is required.
Any findings based substantially on credibility of evidence or demeanor of witnesses shall be so identified.
Must have a professional demeanor, good fashion sense, and work well with people of all ages.
Officers are also trained in interviewing and listening skills, dictation skills and courtroom demeanor.
Every citizen has a right to professional demeanor, courteous service and quality performance.
Maintains and displays a good temperament and courteous demeanor when dealing with customers, employees, and co-workers.
Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times.
If you are unsure of the employee's name, describe the employee and list the specific actions or demeanor that impressed you.
Comments from both attorneys and non-attorneys praise him for his judicial demeanor and his intellectual abilities.
After checking her cell phone, the suspect's demeanor changed.

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