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The trauma of that day led us to expect an abrupt demarcation in our lives and in the life of the nation.
The fourth change is the blurring of the old demarcation lines between broadcasters and providers of sports.
The demarcation commission could have done a better job.
Frequently, a clear line of demarcation is established only through litigation.
However, there is a definitive cultural demarcation.
Now, the lines of demarcation are blurry, the raised-letter wordings less exact.
There was no demarcation between old and new, no sense of shifting gears.
The lack of demarcation between art and audience also keeps you on your toes.
She makes a demarcation between her public and private lives and counts few dance insiders among her close circle.
The demarcation of their territory, however, could not keep out the modern world.
But no one yet knows how this vague demarcation will work in practice.
The reason that it is not going to be persuasive is that the line of demarcation is not clear at all between the two.
These concerns stem from an overly simple demarcation between science and nonscience.
The demarcation between metaphysics and science is important, especially on this blog.
Which means the thing had to have existed, in some shape or form, prior to the demarcation of its nonexistence.
The key demarcation points in that relationship are the equinoxes and solstices.
Certainly the manufactured lines of demarcation were, and continue to be, a boon for the separatists.
We need to try to develop some defensibly lines of demarcation for complex genetic debates.
Infra-red photography showing sharp demarcation of shoreline.
Demarcation line: the point which separates the up flow from the down flow of air.
Note their smooth borders and clear demarcation from the surrounding skin.

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