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Reducing a highrise to a rubble pile is a highly challenging, skill-demanding task.
Despite demanding conditions, results exceeded all expectations.
Remembering a fiction is much more demanding than remembering something that actually occurred.
Museums resisted those claims, demanding evidence that the contested artifacts had indeed been spirited away.
But some professors have objected, many of them demanding that their tests be removed.
But demanding that the state's adults raise taxes to maintain the quality of their education isn't one of them.
Some are loving and good, while others are capricious or demanding.
The only thing that worked was demanding that since the kids were older and in school all day she had to get a job.
For the next two decades home movies were an expensive and at times demanding hobby.
It's neater than frying and less demanding of your attention.
They have been demanding the labeling of biotech foods.
His gift was knowing what readers needed and demanding his editors provide it.
He didn't have to worry about me barging into his apartment and demanding to know why.
The author's choice of words is demanding and highly context-dependent.
At the same time, investors are becoming more demanding.
These shoes met that demanding standard on the wettest of fall days.
Ashkenazim had cognitively demanding occupations such as financiers and merchants.
She may think you're demanding a refund--you think she's demanding new payment.
Students and teachers responded by demanding the abolition of all for-profit education.
We are waking up to the cruelty inflicted on animals and demanding better for them, and for ourselves.
Demanding and manipulating will not aid your quest for knowledge.
Complex, demanding work and big ideas-college work-should be put on hold until they master the basics.
But he is demanding a big shake-up in the way the council is run.
Then he dared speak up, to the police and other authorities, demanding to use the new village well.
The risk-reducing formulas behind portfolio theory rely on a number of demanding and ultimately unfounded premises.
University president is a demanding but also highly rewarding position.
Some stores are taking on more staff because their customers are demanding better service.
Security agents showed up in the middle of the night demanding possession of all my cameras and film.
And intelligent, technology-using life must satisfy a demanding set of requirements.
Inflation has fallen, trade has expanded and capital comes on more demanding terms.
Ultralight in-molded climbing helmet with excellent ventilation for long and demanding uses.
Lillian's lunchtime customers at her restaurant beep her daily, demanding a callback.
The cable-making business is a demanding one and many companies are struggling.
Furthermore, particularly demanding critics say that it also excludes mark-to-market losses on its loan book.
They say the dragons have become increasingly aggressive toward humans and are demanding to know why.
He is clearly on the side of the foot-soldier trying to obey demanding superiors.
Either method will work, a distinguished lawyer concludes-- so long as the public keeps demanding top quality on the bench.
For emerging cooks, these are part recital and part art happening, a chance to dazzle an adventurous and demanding audience.
In fact, some skiers will find these skis too demanding.
The only tool the scientific community has is demanding integrity and honesty.
The companies say the spike in cover prices are due to retailers' demanding that they pay less from the publishers for books.
Although steep and strenuous, it's not a technically demanding route-more thrill than skill.
Unfortunately, the media has not been doing their job of demanding actual evidence in lieu of opinion.
And she aced the course, which was a fairly demanding one with a substantial essay-writing component.
People are demanding to use their own gadgets in their jobs.
Opportunities to come all this way are far between and extremely pricey, demanding monumental feats of organization.
Younger alums are demanding sustainability and a service element.
She didn't get enough attention the family agreed and she is quite demanding of company.
IT jobs, especially software development, are demanding.
Sunset gave plans for these solid structures, as well as other, less demanding ones.
It's easy by car, or it's a demanding four hours by bike-if you don't stop.
Chromolithography was a complex, demanding process, an art in and of itself.
Many cosmonauts complained that mission controllers were too demanding.
Providing meals for these chicks is so demanding that the parents take a year off before breeding again.
He horrified his companions by demanding ordinary food and refusing to continue his mortifications.
With a demanding career and a full-schedule family life, you think you don't have time to plan a vacation, much less take one.
But she accepted and soon became, by all accounts, an engaging and demanding professor.
Many citizens are demanding more transparency around how food, and especially animal products, are produced.
Beyond those factors, the job of the presidency has become more and more demanding.
Business-minded legislatures are demanding more education while offering less money to pay for it.
Overly clipped or clinical expressions always come across as harsh and demanding.
Perhaps the papers point to a new direction in research or suggest new issues demanding study.
Around the world, workers are demanding help from the state with increasing panic.
Such people are both more demanding and more in demand.
Now companies are more demanding, seeking to eliminate both incoming and outgoing inventory.
All are similarly unsmiling, aggressively demanding money.
Mental frailty is much scarier for the sufferer and more demanding for those who have to look after him.
National regulators will also have scope to impose more demanding standards.
Getting active isn't easy for everyone, especially people working long hours at demanding jobs.
At the same time as the market is getting more crowded, the customers are becoming more demanding.
They were, and are, demanding the withdrawal of the gendarmerie from the region.
Big customers are paying later and suppliers are demanding cash earlier, while orders are slowing.
Because these markets are difficult to leave in a hurry, investors seem to be demanding a higher reward for investing in them.
It is also extremely demanding--and you feel overwhelmed.
Greed isn't trying to hold on to the money that you've earned, greed is demanding that you be given other people's money.
Phone makers are beefing up processing power in an effort to support increasingly demanding mobile operating systems and apps.
Though power companies were demanding more from the grid, they had no incentive to upgrade it.
Approval ratings had nose-dived, and even stalwart friends of the administration were demanding action.
In principle this is no more demanding than looking at your datebook each morning to see where you're supposed to go.
The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way.
And he offered emotional succor long after the amorous flame had waned--not to mention demanding the same support for himself.
Emerging nations are now demanding the power to set the agenda, too.
Friendship is less demanding than a more intimate and vulnerable romantic connection, but the same principle applies.
Instead of demanding transparency, he actively obfuscated.
Taxpayers should be demanding outsourced services as a means to cost-efficient government.
Suppose you have crushing credit-card debt, a demanding tyrant for a boss, and disobedient children.
And anyone who believes that all professional curricula lack demanding conceptual material is way behind the times.
And, as demanding consumers, you will expect to receive added value to compensate for the reduction in frequency.
But good as they are, lithium batteries are not up to the demanding task of powering the next generation of electric vehicles.
For more than a week, account holders have been demanding their money back in what some folks are calling a bank run.
We are tacking this technology onto the grid or directly trying to supply the old high energy demanding technology.
Although the process sounds straightforward, it was much more demanding than conventional photography.
Instead, they are demanding that the players give back some of their income, and are offering little in exchange.
Maybe it was too big: in the far-off original act in which everything was created, it had received an inheritance too demanding.
The show looked exhausting, demanding yet undeserving: unjustified.
Firms that chose the latter option would soon see depositors deserting them and lenders demanding higher interest rates.
Although the statues had little artistic merit, and were not antiques, the thieves were demanding high prices.
Whether the races feature open-wheel or stock cars, driving at this level is intensely demanding.
The reason it's such a small world is that it's hugely demanding.
The demanding part involved noting when the two stimuli matched what had occurred two or even three steps earlier in the sequence.
If it weren't for the urgency of the situation, right now we'd be demanding much more basic science, he says.
Scepticism is partly about demanding good evidence before accepting a claim or an explanation of a phenomenon.
Demanding mandatory vaccines is a fundamental breach of human rights and freedom.
And they were childish about demanding that they have their way.
Morally, that is no different from demanding that doctors and nurses do so.
Investors in those funds are, sensibly, demanding their money back-or what's left of it.
Then she turned around and issued a press release, demanding to know why the columnist was publishing smears.
She would scream into the phone, demanding that one or the other of her children be put on the line immediately.
And shareholders might begin demanding more of a say.
So for a doll designer it can be both overwhelming and exciting to meet her demanding fashion needs.
But the supposedly luckier kids, spared a demanding relationship with reality, are also liable to wind up morally undeveloped.
Nowadays, gangs threaten businesses large and small, demanding kickbacks for not shutting them down.
Partisans exchanging accusations of fraud and demanding manual recounts.
He appears to be attacking fundamental human values, demanding control in place of the defense of freedom and dignity.
They were demanding to be represented by the government that taxed them, which is something quite different.
So selective and demanding is the process that virtually every teacher is well prepared.
And yet they were demanding that the workers give up baseline benefits, such as health care and pensions.
In one sentence, he seemed to be demanding almost nothing in return.
Both had to put up with a demanding and prior censorship from the political authorities.
His work was demanding-he was already beginning to be known.
Letter written to the maker of a bad check demanding payment plus costs prior to filing a civil suit.

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