demagogue in a sentence

Example sentences for demagogue

Don't dismiss it as "trying to demagogue" or "a disrespectful direction".
I'm not interested in giving you a platform to demagogue.
Expect to be called a demagogue, but don't be a demagogue.
Always placing blame and finding fault is called being a demagogue.
If the charismatic leader is a demagogue, things go terribly wrong.
Most likely a demagogue will be in control.
At best he is a distastefully cynical demagogue.
Too bad he allowed his sanctimony to turn him into just another self-righteous demagogue.
The demagogue is the besetting plague of democracy.
Given the silver-tongued, narcissistic demagogue that he is, it is not surprising that he is claiming credit.
In short, politicians play the short-term demagogue play and this divides their people.
There is sometimes the accusation that officials in the enforcement business are tempted to kind of demagogue or overdo it.

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