deluxe in a sentence

Example sentences for deluxe

The base model comes sans air conditioning and power windows, but those amenities are available in deluxe models.
Some have those special annexed sun rooms that are part of the deluxe line.
And returns based on the deluxe model had a positive skew: large windfalls were more likely than big losses.
Long waits have always been part of the experience of acquiring a deluxe custom saddle.
Software to do deluxe slicing and dicing is easy to obtain.
Many cabins feature deluxe amenities including full kitchens, central heating and air conditioning, and private decks.
Guests enjoy a complimentary deluxe breakfast each morning.
Guests choose from among standard, deluxe and single rooms for long-term stays.
Stay in either a standard, deluxe guestroom or suite.
Trains-both deluxe and down-market-have served as prime cinematic locales.
Redistribute bedding in standard deluxe rooms with roll-in showers.

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And if so (And science ought to know) We well may raise our heads From weeding garden beds And annotating books To watch... more
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