delusional in a sentence

Example sentences for delusional

You're either very good at self-satire, or delusional.
We were dripping wet, delusional from lack of sleep, and just wishing that our trip wasn't about to end.
Some experts are so out of touch with reality, they're borderline delusional.
But if anybody was delusional last season, it was the producers.
Optimism is a valuable tool, even when wielded by the delusional.
The delusional award goes to you sir.
In excess, it can lead to compulsive or delusional behavior.
They're not delusional: Independent tests lend credence to the issue.
Many describe the men as depressed or delusional.
Their future is being robbed by delusional and irrational mobsters.
The rest of the country would never elect such an egotistical delusional idiot.
Nothing more dangerous than over-believing, delusional, zealots in positions of power.
Your responses get more delusional and paranoid by the day.
Pseudocyesis, as delusional pregnancy is called, is neither common late in life nor a normal response to aging or illness.
Unfortunately, it's a strategy that has been abandoned in the face of phantom risks and delusional hopes.
These days, dire warnings aren't the delusional raving of cranks.
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