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Here are five of science history's most bizarre hoaxes and delusions.
The psychiatrist tells her that her husband's delusion is harmless.
Or maybe it is just words of delusion, like a teenager who vows to stay out of trouble but knows he never will.
It was part denial, part delusion.
That assumption, of course, proved to be a delusion.
The dream is more delusion than reality.
Unfortunately, most cosmetic companies are laboring under the delusion that love and girls are the same as ever.
You are clearly suffering from paranoid delusions.
Believing in things for which there is no evidence is delusion.
Once the mutual delusion is created in full glory, people become happy.
It gives a false sense of security, a dreamy delusion that success will be found by repeating the pattern again and again.
The scientific method is humankind's strongest tool for keeping us from folly and self-delusion.
But that view is a delusion, as our special report explains.
In dictatorships many people suffer from the understandable delusion that democracy means having the government you want.
Escape the heart fortress of delusion with a quality flick.
The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.
In fact, all reigns make a joyous entry, but this is only a delusion.
Even the prosperous cannot easily bear its burden, but is weighed down under it when he has fallen into delusion.
Are their true wealth, their so-called wealth delusion.
Cases have been observed by physicians in which a psychosis begins with a dream and holds to a delusion which originated in it.
The one point of vital resemblance is the fervour with which each rushes in pursuit of his delusion.
Eva's letter-writing is an act of delusion, or therapy.
The idea that there is one is at best wishful thinking, and at base a provincial conceit, a delusion rather than a policy.
The military has been tightening the screws of censorship while peddling a brew of lies, delusion, paranoia and justification.
The stamina to believe that perfection is not a delusion, a trap.
It is a self-realizing strategic delusion that powers a self-licking ice-cream cone.
What had made the scam surprising was the shocking mediocrity of the pictures and the almost willful self-delusion of the buyers.
The amount of denial and delusion in our society is unbelievable.
They are functions of delusion and a worldview that wants things to be a certain way and cannot absorb that they are not.
There has to be some idiocy in idealism, as well as self-delusion.
It also remains a testament to the tenacity of popular delusion.
While some people excel at both research and teaching, many more labor under the delusion that they do.
One could argue that the values of both real estate and higher education are dangerously subject to collective delusion.
Certainly one can live a life of delusion if one chooses and believe any number of contradictory propositions.
In my not so humble opinion, more self delusion, and cherry picking of the available data.
Is the computing department part of the ongoing delusion.
The authors continue the delusion that environment is more important than nature.
Any scientist who thinks he/she can increase food supply to feed an exponentially growing population is living a delusion.
Yes there is a lot of delusion going around on both sides of the aisle.
Answer: self-righteous moral delusion of biblical proportions.
Of course, they have to do anything they can to retain this delusion.
It is not going to help her get over the grief that is the true origin of that delusion.
We collectively suffer from a delusion of destiny from our need to find meaning and purpose.
On the domestic side, there is the sugarplum delusion of endless tax cuts and untrammeled government spending.
We occasionally think otherwise, but that is a comfortable delusion.
They seem to be under the delusion that the moment is about them, not the country or the moment.
Amazing the amount of self delusion from some of the posters here.
And it is not exaggeration or delusion on anyone's part.
Other tendencies are more obscure and may be your own solitary delusion.
His people are often bound together by some shared belief or, usually, delusion.
It is a universal delusion that life elsewhere must be different.
Our last installment ended by calling disarmament negotiations a theater of delusion.
Surely confronting the past, without either self-delusion or despair, is a start.
The search for the missing link, the oldest form that is clearly in the direct line of human ancestry, is a delusion.

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