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Example sentences for deluge

Spring rains can trigger a deluge of water that dumps thousands of gallons of water around the house.
Record number of voters expected to deluge polls.
The deluge was the second flood in what is now set to be the wettest summer recorded.
Capital-hungry companies deluge potential investors with information in an effort to create demand for their shares.
Unfortunately, just at this moment the clouds burst and a deluge of rain drove in our faces.
But others agonized amid a continuing deluge of calls from angry constituents.
One hurdle to overcome is the sheer deluge of information online.
It beat like a deluge on the heavy glass roof of the hall, and the wind literally howl'd and roar'd.
People are drowning in a deluge of data.
People living downstream from the unstable lake are bracing for a deluge.
Once the floodwaters have been pumped out of the city—which may take weeks—insurers expect a deluge of claims.
They have a deluge system in chambers that can be activated inside or by the operator outside, you have to be pretty quick though.
With a deluge of ingredients available for the home baker, it can be overwhelming to have to narrow them down.
The spam deluge includes record levels of unsolicited e-mail ads for subprime loans, herbal remedies and get-rich-quick schemes.
He says he's not aware of a deluge of offers to buy it at present.
The trickle-down was more of a deluge up the income distribution ladder.
Even the party itself pays attention to the deluge of public comment.
Words-the deluge of daily words-have overloaded his circuits.
Students have been howling that school e-mail accounts are too small to handle their daily deluge of mail and attachments.
For employees, the bad news is that your daily deluge of e-mail isn't going away, and neither are those endless meetings.
Requesting fob destination quote on the attached list of hoses and deluge gun.
Deluge systems are primarily intended for fire protection of aircraft hangar facilities.
Replace the non-externally resettable deluge valves located at the preaction risers with externally resettable deluge valves.

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