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Mallory himself slides into full-fledged dementia and delirium as he battles the guerrillas, the militia and the forces of nature.
As a new century begins, we have begun to awaken from this delirium.
As 300 or more runs are not infrequent in a cricket game, it was in a state of delirium we took our chance at the bat.
The disorder is called acute confusional state or delirium.
The fever is gone, the delirium remains.
The Depression slows this regime of architectural delirium.
Their first symptoms are acute tiredness, followed by fever and delirium.
She sank more and more into uneasy delirium.
The patient then lapses into delirium and coma, often followed by death.
In severe cases there may be delirium.
IV drips hung from makeshift poles and patients moaned as if they were recovering from a delirium.
Delirium is common among patients waking from a ketamine stupor.
The head is painful, and the patient is now and then even affected with delirium.
He was stricken with meningitis in the jury-room, and died after three days of delirium.
Expert-reviewed information summary about cognitive disorders and delirium as complications of cancer or its treatment.
Delirium: prevention, early recognition, and treatment.

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