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Example sentences for delirious

My dad and uncle also got into the act, almost delirious with excitement at the thought of a wedding in the family.
This week, the brother had a stroke and now is delirious and uncommunicative.
Soon Cole too falls ill, becoming delirious.
The players at times were as delirious as their fans.
And snaps are much quicker and simpler than buttons when you're delirious with sleep deprivation.
They used to say that when one talks to himself in the shade it is because he has become delirious.
Anthony got loose on a fast break and served up an underhand alley-oop to James, who slammed it home to delirious cheers.
I'm delirious from lack of sleep these last couple of days.
He has been delirious a portion of the time.
But I was delirious from the medication anyway and the days passed in a blur.
Without modern insulation they would have gone delirious and died of hypothermia before getting close.
At that point some people simply wake up, although they may be delirious and impaired.
At its best, it's a disturbing entanglement of delirious smut and devastating horror.
The daily spectacle was delirious, uncanny, the range of goods boundless and utterly random.
He was shot in the leg, and he crawled and limped past corpses, and wandered for four delirious days.
We're glad to start getting a few more minutes of daylight, but what with electric lights and all, we're not delirious about it.
Everyone, in fact, seems downright delirious--from the usual near- frantic nuptial logistics and from unconcealed fiscal rapture.

Famous quotes containing the word delirious

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When all is said and done, friendship is the only trustworthy fabric of the affections. So-called love is a deliri... more
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