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Example sentences for delineation

Knowledge, it held, went hand in hand with nomenclature and delineation.
But vivid delineation of characters and a compelling plot line are not this opera's strong points.
Sketches and studies are usually considered rough outlines or the vague delineation of some bigger work without the detail.
He made the phrase, in all its variety, more important than the rigid delineation of the bar line.
Apple used to have a clear delineation between their professional and consumer product lines.
There's a lot to be done and sometimes no clear delineation between one's official duties and everything else.
He shows the same mastery in his delineation of the hidden germs of feeling as of those of sensation.
But the great excellence of both his tragedies and his comedies is their delineation of character.
But there is no agreement on the number and delineation of the sub-races, or even of the major races.
There's no internal structure that provides a clear boundary for delineation, everything is interpretation.
The delineation appears as a solid line around the watercourse.

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