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Example sentences for delighted

If he was delighted he controlled his emotion admirably.
The rocking chair went to someone who asked for one and that was a group gift and she was delighted.
We were delighted to see several wearing radio collars.
Martians would be delighted with the new arrangement.
Microscopists have always delighted in the surprising, amusing and often profoundly beautiful scenes under their lenses.
His work was as irreverent as it was humorous and delighted adults and children alike.
Bankers were as amused by the jockeying as they were delighted by the fees it generated.
Model and bystanders alike were fascinated and delighted by the finished masks.
Delighted to find this article on such a worthwhile undertaking.
The results fascinated and delighted the city officials.
Instead, astronomers were delighted by the opportunity to peer at the thing.
Gertie has delighted zoo visitors of all ages and helped teach them about these impressive animals.
Obviously, if a bigfoot corpse turned up tomorrow, science would be delighted to accept bigfoot as a reality.
People delighted in tilting the planet in all directions and zooming down to their homes.
And the widget adds to the container's cost, so brewers of stout would be delighted to find a way to get rid of it.
Eli was delighted to learn he could get his whole body into it-so he curled up and pretended he was sleeping inside an egg.
Wired is delighted to have as many people as possible participate.
He particularly wanted this shoe and was delighted with it.
Delighted rank and file are busy trying to tabulate the worth of their shares, which they've been told will all vest immediately.
Not everyone is delighted about the rise of these sites.
The overlapping songs of all the different species confused yet delighted me.
Rioters delighted in tossing in cooking-gas canisters and running for cover as they exploded.
Pictures here should convey all the ways that weather keeps us guessing and delighted.
One day a hungry parrot tried the experiment of eating a little mutton, and was delighted with it.
He delighted in taking advantage of the villagers who, in their turn, poked fun at him.
She showed everyone, she was so thrilled and delighted.
The lander touched down safely and scientists have been delighted to find all its instruments in working order.
AS the blue-gray waves roll in, curl and break, thousands of delighted bathers frolic in the frothy white surf.
Good colleagues are delighted when they have the chance to hire someone smarter and better than they are.
His intelligence and sense of humor delighted those around him.
Universities are delighted to see the return of students who need less hand-holding.
Many party bigwigs are delighted by these signs of independent life.
The missionary was delighted by everyone's response to the gift.
However, anyone who needs something stable, simple and fully synced that's instantly familiar out of the box will be delighted.
One group was plainly delighted by the turn of events.
But one need not perceive reliquaries as intermediaries with the divine to be delighted and moved by this show.
His boyish enthusiasm was infectious, and he delighted in telling non-divers about the wilder aspects of his watery underworld.
However, if you have sparrows, we'll be delighted to have them back.
Delighted by the island chain's climate, informality and remoteness, the couple extended their stay to four months.
They delighted in fine phrases and far-sought images.
As a writer of light verse and as a parodist, his agile work has delighted a generation of admirers.
But the great fact that war was coming-war, the test-delighted him, and his sense of humor was not allowed to sleep.
The naturalists delighted in description of vice and disease, the dramshop, the hospital and the brothel.
Tony replied, seeming confident that she would be as delighted by this arresting fact as he was.
Any opera house director would have been delighted to engage this great star to dance the standard ballet repertory.
He's delighted when one overdoses because it means the stuff is high-grade.
As he delighted in his own wordplay, he made sure fans didn't have to choose.
His owners are delighted that it's a decent possibility.
We are delighted that you have such good genes scientists.
So he must have been delighted with the headlines he attracted this week.
In addition, those countries with big financial centres were delighted to have them because of the tax revenues they yielded.
He is delighted with his billet-one where overnight guests are readily tolerated.
But low-caste politicians are delighted by the prospect, so it could happen.
Nonetheless, the country's youthful population still delighted in his spirited, playful campaign.
Delighted islanders greeted the refugees with songs and flowers.
In contrast, some humans are delighted by the new warmth.
Any normal species would be delighted at the prospect of cloning.
Drug researchers were delighted by the positive results.
Gee shakes hands with gusto and appears delighted by everyone he meets.
The sudden abundance of tiger tots has delighted conservationists.
He'd get delighted when he received a phone call about a shotgun suicide.
The press will be delighted, with a new gaff-prone carnival candidacy to snicker at.

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