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Example sentences for delicately

It takes millions of years of co-evolution to develop a fine tuned system, richly complex and delicately balanced.
Low entropy corresponds to something delicately tuned, so that's why it's easy for entropy to go up.
The device consisted of a weight delicately suspended in a large bronze urn, ringed by dragons with hinged jaws.
But people also soon noticed their delicately sculpted and decorated shells.
Delicately fried oysters and buttery rare tuna are the highlights of a short but impressive list of appetizers.
The company discusses its relationship with electronics suppliers delicately.
It is the rate of what are known, delicately, as concurrent partnerships.
She turns to me, tilting her delicately featured face away from him.
Ham marrow is as delicately flavored and as easily spreadable as butter, but it has none of butter's spinelessness.
He slips a yellow plastic wedge into the cut and taps it delicately with his five-pound ax head.
Pour boiling water over lavender buds and let it steep, then use the cooled water to make delicately flavored lavender lemonade.
Their biggest challenge was a delicately balanced promenade.
The open string stair, with delicately carved balusters, is at the northwest end of the hall.
The overburden sediments that cover buried cavities in the aquifer systems are delicately balanced by ground-water fluid pressure.
Some kinds, such as the elms, bloom profusely but the flowers are so small and delicately tinted that they are seldom noticed.
Cave ecosystems are unique and delicately balanced, with major changes possibly occurring from relatively slight disturbances.

Famous quotes containing the word delicately

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