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Nance trees have delicious yellow fruits that are a delicacy to both wildlife and local people.
The delicacy of this food and the precise rhythms of its presentation have the soothing effect of meditation.
The krill are used as fish food and bait and, in some countries, as a delicacy for humans.
Lobsters are considered a food delicacy around the world.
Cruz's makeup is heavier, and the delicacy of her features is lost.
If not with grain then with insects processed into a choice delicacy.
Make sure your armadillo chili is well-cooked should you decide to try the regional delicacy.
From rather unpromising-sounding subject matter she fashions short stories of extraordinary delicacy and resonance.
They are considered a delicacy by many people around the world.
In more than several countries, dog is considered to be a delicacy.
They'll be excited to get your unique gift of a home made delicacy.
In other words, there is a ready and profitable sale for frogs' legs as a table delicacy.
Pangolin meat is also considered a popular delicacy.
The animals are sought for their fins, which are a delicacy in soup.
There is a harmony in the gathering, a charm and delicacy that seldom is noticeable in public art rooms.
The bird was considered a delicacy in medieval times.
Their land predators include jaguars and some native peoples who consider proboscis monkey a delicacy.
One threatened bird is the edible-nest swiftlet, whose nests are a valuable delicacy and widely collected by local people.
It is a show of wealth and power to be able to afford such a delicacy.
The hunters also look forward to fresh muktuk, the top layer of blubber and skin, which is prized as a traditional delicacy.
But because some high officials also had their snouts in the trough, this case needs to be handled with extreme delicacy.
The delicacy of the acting reinforces the sense of hopelessness.
Naturally delicacy is needed to wind down a failed economic policy.
As they got closer to the body, they switched to pocketknives, carving with an archaeological delicacy.
The eggs of certain fish, mainly sturgeon, are prepared as a delicacy known as caviar.
Inside the building this quality of restraint gives way to an intoxicating blend of muscularity and delicacy.
But the animators' delicacy is wasted on a crude, idiotic story.
But out of that crude physicality come images of hauntingly strange delicacy and beauty.
More astonishing than his suits was the delicacy of his evening dresses.
Less meat, for sure, but it could be sold as more of a delicacy and you'd get twice the bang from each frog.
It turns out that one can still taste this delicacy at a few taverns on the island.
He stopped at an ironwood tree to admire its silvery fluted trunk, its striking combination of delicacy and strength.
The sharks are often killed for the fins, which are used to make shark-fin soup, an expensive delicacy.
Scarcity has made oysters expensive, turning this unattractive mollusc into a delicacy for the rich.
The piles of desiccated smelly triangles had rather put me off the delicacy.
The tower is a shimmering silver needle, its delicacy as startling as its height.
It's a delicacy that's delightfully counter-intuitive.
There is less expensive caviar than sturgeon roe, but none has the same delicacy.
The delicacy with which her arms fold out and in, curl upward, and brush across her forehead seem to delight her.
The ice cream sauces are in the delicacy stores in larger cities across the country.
As they suck on the nectar from the bamboo flowers, the bugs grow fat and oily and are considered a great delicacy.
It was raw chicken dipped in raw egg, which was apparently some delicacy.
The delicacy has been banned by some cities that believe it is produced inhumanely.
Eating this local delicacy certainly promises a transcendental experience.
But even fans of the delicacy can't help but think about how it came to be.
His best buildings have a delicacy inseparable from their tensile power.
Today this species is considered a delicacy, and demand for it exceeds production.
Some species, including the mushroom and cannonball jellyfish, are even considered a delicacy by humans.
Some people consider snapping turtle meat a delicacy, and snapping turtle meat makes excellent soups.
Strawberry kabobs dipped in powdered sugar are another delicacy.
Domestic pigeons had value not only as a delicacy but as a source of fertilizer.
The company supplies this delicacy to many fine dining restaurants, locally and on the mainland.
Sturgeon eggs, freed from ovarian membranes and pickled in brine, become the much sought-after delicacy called caviar.
The heart is a true delicacy and will break easily with a fork.
The regulation of it is, at the same time, a task of peculiar delicacy.
The occasional use of curvilinear forms adds to the lightness and delicacy which is typical of this style.
They're used to make a delicacy that's known as shark fin soup.
Every country has its favorite holiday sweet or delicacy.
The smooth gracefulness of these vulnerable pink salamanders, reminds us of the overall delicacy of their cave ecosystem.
Spider monkey meat is considered a delicacy by many groups of people.
It is unaltered and in view of the delicacy of many of its details is in remarkably good condition.
In the past, it was a used as a source of meat and is still considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.
Years following, the value of sturgeon increased as their eggs and smoked flesh became a delicacy.
The pallid bat of the southwestern deserts favors an odd delicacy: scorpions.
Once considered an imported delicacy, sardines now have a humble reputation.
Diners choose from a variety of meats, chocolates and cheeses and then get to work enjoying this delicacy.
Smoked eel and shrimp is a traditional dish and is considered a delicacy.
It is happy for you that you possess the talent of pleasing with delicacy.
He never intentionally added to the difficulty or delicacy of the charge of those who had him in hold.
In the other, a plot of an uncommonly painful nature is handled with delicacy.
She suffered intensely, feeling herself born for every delicacy and every luxury.
Perhaps he felt a certain delicacy in interfering with the selection of a possible successor in office.
There was a delicacy and simplicity in his manners inexpressibly attractive.
There was no concealment, no delicacy, and no illusion about it.
With no great range of imagination, these lines have been justly admired for their delicacy of expression.
On the second floor the supper-tables were loaded with every delicacy of the season.

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