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Example sentences for delicacies

Consumers are hungry for rare animal delicacies, too.
The goddess conducted her guests to a seat, and had them served with wine and other delicacies.
Such delicacies are much sought-after among business theorists these days.
Many foods are considered delicacies, not for their taste, but for their medicinal effects.
Thinly sliced and served with other raw delicacies as sashimi, the translucent flesh delights the eye as well as the palate.
All of these foods are delicacies on menus around the world.
Savoring native delicacies-and understanding their role in local cultures-is central to the traveler's journey.
All these delicacies were cooked in ovens fired by wood from the island's forests.
These forest delicacies have a distinctive sponge-shaped fruit body and command a high price.
Different countries, of course, use their own favorite delicacies and culinary arts to prepare these savories.
Here, even nouvelle cuisine cannot be tiny delicacies served up on huge plates.
One of the delicacies she ladles out over the dinner table is a homemade soup made of duck's blood.
Take sweetbreads, those luscious delicacies increasingly appearing on fashionable restaurant menus and at dinner parties.
After all, the insects have been enjoyed as culinary delicacies around the world for centuries.
Explore medieval towns, various terrain and local wines and delicacies on a cycling tour.
For an appetizer, choose from delicacies such as red bean soup or house-smoked salmon.
The curious and daring may also want to try such delicacies as armadillo, turtle eggs and lizards.
As one soldier commented, tables groaned under the weight of fine delicacies sent down from the city.
Food booths offer regional seafood delicacies in addition to the usual hamburgers, hot dogs, and pork barbecue.
We serve a full breakfast every morning, including homemade bakery and local delicacies.
Local storytellers will dazzle you with stories of chocolate delicacies.
Bear paws, meat, and fat are also eaten and considered delicacies.
Language clubs, for example, allow students to watch foreign films or eat delicacies that are native to the country of origin.
In many foreign markets, variety meats are seen as delicacies and can even be more expensive than some muscle meats.
Morels are delicious delicacies, but you need to take a few precautions to prevent sickness.
The backbone, when roasted, and the tenderloins were prized as delicacies.
In some parts of the world, bats are considered culinary delicacies, and are hunted and captured for food.

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