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Example sentences for deliberation

University lawyers often bump up against an athletics world where speed and money trump legal deliberation.
The facts of the case were disputed and required jury deliberation.
Members say that deliberation is necessary because the group must come to a consensus.
Editors have been rightly wary of sacrificing accuracy and deliberation to the instantaneous buzz of cyberspace.
But public fascination also provided a window for criticism, and ultrasound elicited substantial ethical deliberation.
Democracy, for instance, exists only if there is a genuine deliberation prior to decision.
The first time around, there were almost two weeks of deliberation before a deadlocked jury caused a mistrial.
The ballot box does not allow for such deliberation.
Where you have different answer that are not contradictory, do those things after a couple of months of deliberation.
The jury returned the verdict in the six-week trial after five days of deliberation.
Baraka sat at the back of the habitat strewing hay all over himself with grave deliberation.
Time spent now in cool and calm deliberation will be well spent.
No net new tax revenue would be part of the special committee's deliberation.
Nor is it a time, however, for excessive caution and slow deliberation.
Choosing the right house or the right mate are major decisions well worth serious deliberation.
The deliberation simply doesn't go along with digital communication habits.
We must engender cultural habits that ensure perspective, calm deliberation, and wisdom.
Media is often at fault for making everything worse, and sensationalizing those situations which require rational deliberation.
It's a heavy burden, and you recognize quickly that it's going to require careful deliberation.
The yuan's rise as a global currency is being handled with familiar deliberation.
Let cool and calm deliberation determine this question.
Take time for deliberation, haste spoils everything.
On this point, then, from first to last there is need of deliberation and care.
Every natural function can be dignified by deliberation and privacy.
The proper qualities of a general are judgment and deliberation.
It is a matter of mature deliberation with him thus to express himself upon that point of his case.
The time for negotiation is the time for deliberation and delay.
Leaders must find a balance between speed and deliberation.
The jury nonetheless acquitted him after ten minutes of deliberation.
First, the administration had moved reasonably-with care and deliberation, and always within the limits of the law.
The notion that our bodies can engage in such weighty deliberation shouldn't be surprising.
Finally, they make a dozen offers and keep another dozen in the wait list after hours of deliberation.
Now here are going into the third week of deliberation.
It is not a perfect system, and maybe there needs to be more deliberation to ensure equity.
The length of the overall deliberation in this case was two hours and forty-two minutes.
In deliberation arguments are made on the merits of the case and how each proposal will advance the public interest in some way.

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