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Example sentences for deliberately

Sometimes fires are deliberately set in selected areas.
To be fair, the questions in the survey seem deliberately chosen to confuse.
People can build their willpower deliberately.
Perhaps his title is deliberately ambiguous.
And I believe there is a distinct possibility you have deliberately sabotaged your own product.
Very deliberately, the chimpanzee selects a branch, breaks it off .
The press is deliberately and systematically kept away from him.
We are not deliberately hiding anything when we seek out private places for reflection or conversation.
He picked his land slowly and deliberately, designed his home with taste and built it spacious and modern.
He supports "assisted migration," deliberately moving rare plants and animals to new, more promising habitats.
Yes, that weed popping up out of her faux turf carpet is a real dandelion, deliberately planted.
Bees gathering nectar may accomplish pollination, but bees that are deliberately gathering pollen are more efficient pollinators.
Whereas humans strive to minimize turbulence over aircraft wings, dragonflies' wings deliberately generate and exploit turbulence.
Alongside them were pitchers that seemed deliberately twisted and vases warped as if melted in the kiln.
Once she deliberately set fire to the house, and often she hid herself away for days in her own room and would see no one.
They are scholars deliberately aiming at learning from others-they borrow freely, adapt, reproduce.
He was indefatigable, breezy, and deliberately indiscreet.
His plans were deliberately prepared, and fully expressed in orders.
Wisely planned, nobly written and deliberately composed, it is the fruit of deep and diligent research.
In polite society, flatulence is often a social faux pas-especially when issued deliberately.
The spider is the also first known predator that deliberately feeds on vertebrate blood by eating mosquitoes.
Because the leg bone was deliberately broken in the field, no preservatives were added.
Firefighters also fight wildfires by deliberately starting fires in a process called controlled burning.
The researchers found the land was deliberately managed for rice growing.
He emphasizes that he is not accusing anyone of deliberately falsifying evidence.
Some residents even deliberately attract foxes by putting out food for them to eat.
Some ancient writers claimed the building was deliberately flooded for mock naval battles.
Next is not to report false information, easy to do when many sides exaggerate or deliberately lie.
Cobras deliberately aim for the eyes of whomever or whatever they feel threatened by, researchers have conclusively proved.
Ironically, the game could replace the neighborly interaction it so deliberately emulates.
But the site has been deliberately hidden from search engines.
He deliberately manipulated the parents of these children.
Move slowly and deliberately, staying aware of things you can grasp to retain your balance.
Ours was to be the first deliberately cosmopolitan, live-and-let-live system of nation building and of schooling.
Even more striking was the fact that students spoke more slowly and far more deliberately.
For those who lack a sense of humor, often people laugh at statements that are deliberately offensive.
The problem was that my cousin didn't want a job and kept blowing her interviews deliberately.
We deliberately do not attempt any theoretical or phenomenological interpretation of the results.
Communication is tricky enough without deliberately muddling things with hidden layers of meaning.
To test this theory, they first deliberately sapped the mental powers of a number of volunteers.
The last thing a shootist would do is deliberately take this drug to calm nerves.
The question is whether he deliberately appealed to bigots, as a political tactic.
Such pockets of degradation now have to be deliberately sought out, he says.
Spans of control can be deliberately enlarged by making workers more autonomous and more capable of managing themselves.
In some cases, designers have deliberately copied nature.
It has achieved this not deliberately, but because the culture changed.
It is unclear whether it is over some silly local muscle-flexing, or a deliberately engineered provocation.
Many are deliberately placed next to a public lavatory.
Locals swap stories of cunning borrowers who buy second homes for a song before deliberately defaulting on their first mortgages.
Some prosecutors deliberately overcharge to encourage suspects to plead guilty on lesser counts.
The authors argue that mankind has at last become the first species capable of deliberately directing its own evolution.
Docking stations were deliberately placed away from big railway terminals.
She found the parcel in the car, deliberately wedged in the crack of the seat, and went back to the house to tell him.
Maybe, but he should also remember that deliberately throwing at a batter is grounds for ejection.
The visual signals this building sends-it is at once crisp and pliable, solid and permeable-seem deliberately ambiguous.
Her hair is long and wavy, and she moves deliberately, confidently.
The company has moved deliberately but with apparent ease in the marketplace.
It had no use for this national infrastructure and set about, quite deliberately, dismantling it.
The flare is much less hazardous than current techniques, such as deactivating the mine by hand or deliberately detonating it.
It was deliberately written to allow the programmer to access anything on the machine and be flexible.
In addition, it deliberately repeatedly will appear at the output of filter.
They deliberately froze technology development as a management decree for heaven's sake.
He started to swirl the liquid in the pan, his hands moving slowly at first, deliberately.
The conclusion was bizarre, and it was deliberately aimed at minimizing the prisoner's significance.
On the contrary, airs of vacuity and incompetence are deliberately affected.
We deliberately fight serious diseases in places where others are not offering an effective solution.
Here the agents deliberately intervened to prevent their own dangerous informants from being caught and prosecuted.
On the menu, but not on your plate: fish at restaurants were mislabeled about half the time, sometimes deliberately.
To others, this seems ridiculous-the mounds were of course deliberately constructed, they say.
It never quite enters into his mode of thinking that one group might be deliberately subverting the mythology of another.
The jumping spider not only tolerates blurry images, it deliberately produces them.
Climbing slowly and deliberately the way an orangutan does puts a lot of stress on limb bones, she says.
Then the researchers set about testing whether the females in mixed pairs were deliberately producing more sons.
So certain politicians try deliberately to get people angry.
But the idea of deliberately implanting deceit is new.
But they deliberately unsettled other flocks week after week by removing whichever bird had struggled to the top.
On other trials, they deliberately introduced mistakes, which the typists hadn't actually made.
He even speculates that our cosmos might have been deliberately created by beings in another one.
The movie is deliberately vague, an obfuscation presumably intended to intrigue us.
He has posted fabricated interviews and deliberately misleading surveys.
The notion that a racecar team would send a driver out to deliberately crash seems preposterous.
But you don't have to be a professional chef to set things on fire, deliberately.
You're deliberately ignoring the part the parents play.
They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
We will always proceed deliberately, weighing the consequences of our actions.
It needs to be deliberately and specifically taught and modeled for all students.
It is not so much that he is deliberately flattening space.
These efforts to enhance the status of psychiatry were undertaken deliberately.
In his case the myth is to an astonishing degree of his own design, consciously crafted and deliberately planted.
But that seems to me too imprecise, too deliberately universal in its ambitions.
And our government deliberately decided not to regulate this chain of investments.
Another is to try to deliberately confuse trends and cycles.
We have restructured certain situations and our possible cues so as to deliberately mislead the gorillas.
By doing so he deliberately plunges back into the contingency, risk, and moral uncertainty that he had temporarily escaped.
In each case the evidence was deliberately falsified by the authorities, presumably to protect those responsible.

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