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Example sentences for deliberate

But it is not the deliberate plan.
We should employ them to decide, not to deliberate.
The timing may well have been deliberate.
But it is also working in a deliberate way to reach the younger demographic.
In order to deliberate, it is necessary to be informed.
His pace, like his prose, is deliberate and thoughtful.
That looks like a deliberate attempt to deceive.
The deliberate and careful consideration accorded it gives the report added merit.
No one knows for sure if it was deliberate or the result of a technical glitch.
He calls a council to deliberate.
Tarantulas are slow and deliberate movers, but accomplished nocturnal predators.
It continues its deliberate run without stopping or looking back until it reaches the safety of a tree.
But there were deliberate efforts to shape her story.
On the one hand, he showed that both political and social subjects could be treated forcibly without deliberate grossness.
It's a chance to be deliberate about how you want to work, to try on different styles, ask others about their process.
It was a deliberate unwillingness to judge colleagues and find them wanting.
Stop making excuses for knowing and deliberate ethical violations.
Denying evolution is a form of deliberate intellectual corruption.
Mixing units in an article is deliberate obfuscation.
Don't worry about alternate energy systems, they will move forward at a deliberate speed as they are needed.
Should virtually eliminate accidental and deliberate electrocutions.
And they did, so quickly that the connections could not possibly be deliberate.
Valuable scientific studies can and are conducted with deliberate care to avoid any unnecessary or unrelieved pain or discomfort.
And by saying it isn't deliberate, they mark themselves as naive.
No longer restricted to reacting to immediate stimuli, they had time to take in the scene and deliberate before moving.
He is a deliberate strategic thinker-ham-fisted at times, but also capable of tactical brilliance.
In the deliberate calm of pilot talk this was strong language.
Half the country being spared from federal income taxes might be fair, it might be unfair, but it is certainly deliberate.
Too many deliberate misspellings of brand names to avoid the in-box filters-no one will know what you're selling.
Not all stock needs to be a time-consuming or even deliberate process.
It's a boycott, but it's not a particularly deliberate one.
Some argue, moreover, that the administration's intense emphasis on drilling in the refuge may be a deliberate deception.
The marvelous fit of organisms to their environments, however, seemed evidence of a deliberate design.
Sometimes the brothers' deliberate delivery creates awkward stress patterns.
It should be a deliberate decision and not an emotional one.
Human action, accidental or deliberate, seems likely to have been involved.
In modern times, many buildings have been designed at a deliberate slant.
Indeed, the culture of wanton and deliberate risk ignorance originated there.
War crimes typically involve deliberate brutality or recklessness.
Any funny business, whether accidental or deliberate, could then be exposed by a hand recount if necessary.
In a deliberate and calculated manner, it is making the world a more dangerous place.
More important, financial integration was accelerating regardless of any deliberate policy choices.
Conscious, deliberate affectation as a means to flaunt.
It was a slow, deliberate step towards a more sophisticated currency regime, rather than a stronger currency per se.
Straight lines are one of the clearest indications of deliberate governance.
The oil industry is fundamentally not friendly to operational managers that are slow, deliberate, thoughtful types.
The ignorance of the population is actually the result of a deliberate decision by the city's builders.
Even so that does not imply necessarily total irresponsibility, let alone deliberate malpractice.
Most of it a deliberate lie, leavened with ignorance and confusion.
The two are not identical, and his continued equating the two is deliberate on his part.
The deliberate practice of these skills in mock situations is valuable.
Going after and frightening kids as a deliberate tactic to get your way when you know you are telling lies.
He showed me the comics, then showed me his notebooks, and the transfer was direct and deliberate.
She's serious and straightforward, thoughtful and deliberate.

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