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It worked much better after I got surround sound, it was simply delectable.
Karan tribesmen hunt a delectable dish.
Chances are you'd be dying to know about that delectable tidbit of gossip offered by a confidant.
But the exhibition is more than a delectable tour of extravagant garments.
One of the easiest and most delectable ways to appreciate mace is in a cobbler ― apricot or peach.
His mind was like a bottle, extended with the delectable liquor of observation.
One of the best occurred several weeks ago when a hotel telephone operator made a delectable little goof that has me grinning yet.
As with any picnic, delectable nibbles are central.
On my way back to the boat, I stumbled upon the most delectable pastries in a local bakery.
Just as delectable was chunky crab-studded crab cake teamed with thick strips of luscious celery root, salsify and parsnip.
As you savor each mouthful of a delectable dish, you're also biting into a tasty way to explore the world.
Each post includes photos and the name and address of where to find these delectable delights.
If it was the food itself that made it memorable, that's fine-make our mouths water sharing every delectable detail.
If you've gotten your own delectable offers, make sure to let me know.
His audacity is breathtaking, his imagination infectious, his humor as vicious as it is delectable.
There is a freedom in the delectable sense of making things up.
He said that it was always found on the same supper table as her delectable crab cakes.
We've simplified the technique, but have no fear-you will still end up with lots of delectable crunchy bits.
And don't let the mention of that word give you license to begin telling us of all the delectable wines you are encountering.
Every twist and turn reveals something charming, historic, delectable or chic.
Indulge in the delectable cuisines in a fine-dining or casual setting at one of the resorts three eateries.
The street-level restaurant features a fine selection of wines and delectable dishes that are easy on the budget.
Specialty items include the hemp seed tabouli, eggplant lasagna and the delectable coconut almond delight smoothie.
The menu also boasts a number of delectable submarine sandwiches, wraps and gourmet salads.
The restaurant has incorporated delectable seafood items into the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
Dine on elegant or casual fare, or sip a cup of delectable coffee at a comfortable outdoor bistro.
The answer is that the world would ultimately be a much less delectable dish if it were only composed of truffles.
There's a reason we're drawn to cinnamon and sage in cooler weather, beyond their delectable fragrances.
All of these are great at recounting the story, but none throw the delectable smell of shallots cooking in butter into the mix.
The meat was simmered in this delectable sauce about an hour before it was served to family and friends.
In addition, delectable lunches and dinners may be scheduled for groups in the reconstructed carriage house.
These groups of potentially toxic mushrooms include species that are commonly confused with the delectable morels.
These delectable bivalves are harvested using hand tongs, winch-powered tongs and by dredging from skipjacks.
Such colors and textures, amazing aromas, and delectable flavors-suddenly your senses become fully awake.
The hive of the honeybee provides a delectable prize for many predators.
People frequently scour landscapes disrupting fragile ecosystems looking for the delectable red berries.
Sagebrush isn't a favorite of livestock, but wildlife find it delectable and nutritious.
Relax and sample a king's ransom of gourmet treats, from delectable appetizers to chef's signature entrees and tempting desserts.
In fact, melted bear fat is considered a premium oil for frying doughnuts and a delectable ingredient in baked goods.
T operates a bakery that supplies delectable pastries and cookies to local retail stores.
Your favorite breads may owe much to the baker's skill and the top-quality wheat flour used in making the delectable loaves.
Nor had she likely ever dreamed of eating one of these delectable birds.
Choosing between the list of delectable selections is a welcomed challenge.
It appears that many phytonutrients are produced as fruits and vegetables ripen to their delectable peaks of flavor.

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