delaying in a sentence

Example sentences for delaying

By delaying conception by a few years, it's hoped that mares will be in better shape to produce healthier foals.
Delaying marriage reduces fertility rates, creating an equally powerful check on populations.
But he antagonized the city by delaying tax payments, causing city workers to go unpaid for months.
Weather is a significant factor for delaying shuttle launches.
The company is also experimenting with delaying readings from the scale.
Our engineered enzymes get around this problem by delaying their activation, which allows the plants to grow normally.
One group with similar charge will cause droplet to repel thus delaying formation of bigger drop.
Their combined investment resolved a chicken-and-egg dilemma that has been delaying the large-scale implementation of smart grids.
And because these are economists, they are quick to tell their students about the opportunity costs of delaying a degree.
Teach students the importance of delaying gratification.
However, the best thing you can do is stop delaying the inevitable.
Those who cannot afford it, are not getting it, or are delaying seeking service.
Delaying tax reform will only make implementing the solution harder and more painful.
There's a case for delaying these court fights federally.
Birth control took place by delaying marriage more than suppressing fertility within it.
They have sequestered themselves from the group even though it means delaying their ascent.
Negotiations were a device for delaying action until the moment was auspicious.
Some of us were already delaying marrying and moving back with our parents before the recession.
But this could be a mistake if it means missing, or even delaying, the fuel swap.
But this isn't about delaying adulthood, it's about meeting higher standards for what marriage and family should be.
You're only delaying the inevitable meeting between balloon and floor.
Delaying the release has made it almost impossible for any of the survivors to check their validity.
Delaying the stimulus package until the summer may mean that it is too late.
There is talk of delaying the order for new submarines or finding a cheaper alternative.
Military types have been fretting about the effect of delaying a deployment on training and morale.
And the commission is delaying a bank crisis-management system.
Technicians wrongly argued that the tanker could be refloated, delaying efforts to pump out the oil.
Second, the removal of the obstacles delaying this agreement shows a rare flexibility from both sides.
But the delaying tactics were not entirely unsuccessful.
Manufacturers say their nervous customers are delaying orders and running down stocks.
By delaying this money, you keep people working in poverty for longer.
Again, that is quite legitimate, so delaying the approval does not put the overall process into question.
Efforts to outfit the organs with protective proteins have succeeded only in delaying rejection for a few months.
They found that the children who had been best at delaying gratification had better academic and social skills.
Delaying the healing effects after surgery, possibly cause further bone damage and tissue damage.
Wonder if delaying childbirth has anything to do with the increased cancer risk.
The article failed to mention what delaying a generation can do.
So the trillion dollar fossil fuel industry has every interest in denying and delaying the science.
Constellation continues to be funded, delaying work on any new initiative.
In the last chapters there is still another method with interference after delaying light rays.
Rain and high winds swept down the coast, delaying some flights.
It's obvious they're holding back-delaying and leading us astray in every way they know.
Life extension happens by delaying old age for as long as possible.
My take on it is that their actions are really delaying tactics.
We don't have this in astronomy, because there isn't anyone who stands to make billions by delaying action to slow global warming.
That's either an misunderstanding of how science can work, or a dishonest delaying tactic.
They are delaying buying the science text books too.
Delaying repairs can haunt owners when it's time to sell.
But his doctor warned him of severe complications that could result from delaying treatment.
Delaying repair of an asymptomatic hernia does not adversely affect the patient.
High prescription drug copays may result in patients delaying therapy.
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