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Pediatric therapy to this day often includes attempts to facilitate crawling in developmentally delayed children.
Night owls might think staying up late is a real hoot, but a new study hints that delayed sleep might have a sinister side.
Research has found that the onset of dementia is delayed in people who have more years of formal education.
If that launch gets delayed, the station would be completely de-staffed for the first time in more than a decade.
Despite its importance, sequencing has been delayed by the genetic complexity of the common commercial potato.
In a way, phase-delayed people are constantly in the depressive phase of the bipolar disorder.
Roger felt his heartbeat as clearly as the other subjects, although slightly delayed.
The subtlety of the human advantage in intelligence delayed, but did not avert, the extermination.
Atypical age which delayed treatment until the second hospitalization.
Cleared, our visitor continues to his appointment after being delayed only a few minutes by the security check.
Licensing of new versions of foreign games has been delayed, and local firms have gradually learnt to develop their own products.
In conclusion, the momentum and the delayed fiscal austerity will help the economy.
Long-distance trains also broke down or were delayed all over the country.
And the late delivery of ballot papers, which were securely printed abroad, delayed the voting by a week.
Rivalry for the control of lucrative criminal businesses fuelled violent feuds and delayed the decommissioning of weapons.
Almost half allow them to insist on publication being delayed.
Further details were delayed until after the vote on the minimum wage.
Transfers abroad by foreign businesses have been blocked, or delayed, for months.
What distinguishes the beat in jazz is that it is slightly delayed.
After mating, implantation is delayed for several weeks.
Ironically, those costs grow as rehabilitation is delayed and repair jobs become more difficult and expensive.
During these periods the monsoon was weak or delayed, and in some years it may have failed completely.
The experiments were rigged so that the payoff was delayed.
Her evacuation was delayed because conditions wouldn't allow a plane to land.
It faced illness, crowds, and high winds that delayed its climb.
First steps toward that end should not longer be delayed.
It is a tale of disasters and of deliverances that only delayed disaster.
They delayed as they had hitherto done, hoping to tire my patience.
But the departure is still delayed, until the reins give the impatient horses the perceptible sign.
The enchanter delayed not to present himself, mounted on his winged horse.
But the soldier had left seed outside, which delayed not to spring up, and shoot forth.
The poem must not be delayed till the occasion is forgotten.
His work at first found so delayed a favor with publishers that his books were all posthumous.
Flights can be delayed by any number of mishaps such as backed-up air traffic, equipment repairs or bad weather.
In quantum mechanics the past can sometimes be delayed, for example in delayed choice experiments.
Many said they had delayed the start of new projects or were considering moving away from the field altogether.
The sync of comments is a bit delayed, but all previous comments are stored and being updated now.
Many veterans receiving benefits over the past year complained that their aid was delayed.
In doing so, board members ignored pleas from college history professors and other experts that the vote be delayed.
It's important for you to take them seriously also, or your project could be delayed or terminated.
But in the other cases, the patient is misdiagnosed or the diagnosis is delayed.
The delayed payoff of a good education places it in the infrastructure column.
If you do that, make sure you also ask for a delayed tenure clock, if you want that.
Delayed vindication may even be more satisfying, something to relish.
They successfully delayed gratification until the researcher returned, some fifteen minutes later.
People with hangovers show delayed reaction times and difficulties with attention, concentration, and visual-spatial perception.
There was to have been a fourth hotel, whose opening has been delayed indefinitely.
The state agency responsible for indigent defense has run out of money, and other cases are at risk of being delayed or derailed.
With a delayed flight, he had plenty of time to do a little last minute re-reading before the conference.
Insecurity and the fears that accompany it have delayed rebel attempts to reclaim the streets.
Instead their arrival was delayed until after the crisis along the supply lines five days after the war began.
With old industries such as textiles already in decline, immigrant workers merely delayed the necessary process of restructuring.
It was typical of this indictment that it was delayed until after the particular contra support operation had ended.
If political negotiations had been delayed until such a gesture had been made, they might never have taken place.
Discovery's launch has been delayed several times due to cracks found in the external tank.
They'll have to get the astronauts trained to install that, so the servicing mission has to be delayed.
But the plant was delayed by construction problems, and federal subsidies were postponed.
People with autism spectrum disorders do have impaired social interaction and delayed or disordered language development and use.
However, woolly mammoths' strange eating habits only delayed the inevitable.
Atomic theory offers another example of delayed confirmation.
Flights were delayed after a cargo plane skidded off an icy runway.
Foreclosure actions delayed in spring move into system in.

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