dejected in a sentence

Example sentences for dejected

Exhausted and dejected, we all went to bed early.
One day, dad came home from work totally dejected.
More dejected than a crawdad without his craw.
Uninjured, the dejected racer waved to the crowd and skied to the bottom.
I'd never been more dejected in my life.
He was totally dejected — you could see it in his eyes.
His mother vividly remembered one time when her son became unusually dejected about going back.
In them I don't sound afraid or confused but oddly dejected.
It's a good reminder that coming across as bitter and dejected isn't usually a good tactic.
For a few years there, I often felt like an outsider and would often get dejected.
It's especially worthwhile for dejected academics to learn the optimistic approach.
They looked withdrawn and dejected, slumped in their seats.
Some of the roll calls of our essayists remind one of the tale of a rejected and dejected suitor.
We were sad and dejected because there was no light and nothing to eat.
He seems worried less about himself than about his dejected staff.
The hearts of all three had been more deeply dejected than ever during the last few days.
History's shabby discards and their dejected heirs were cashing in on the fact and dialectic of disaster.
Even the bride looked dejected, arms folded tightly across her designer gown.
And with it is going another dejected group: the spy novelists.
Sometimes when you're coming off woozy, you think it's because they're dejected that they didn't get in.
My arms swung straight and dejected from their sockets.
By then they all had left and were so dejected that they did not return my calls.
She looked dejected, because that was actually the correct answer.
But staff and parents got a little dejected and pessimistic after a few months.

Famous quotes containing the word dejected

Seems, madam? Nay, it is. I know not "seems". 'Tis not alone my inky cloak, good Mother, Nor customary suits of solemn b... more
To be worst, The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune, Stands still in esperance, lives not in fear. T... more
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