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But like any deity, Ganesh has his likes and dislikes.
He is not a wandering deity, but belongs to these mountains.
We can respect the Earth without worshipping it as a deity.
The deity, speaking through a priestess perched on a tripod, made three prophecies.
Thev had jammed up outside and they entered one by one as though approaching a deity, each clutching something to be autographed.
They considered the two soaring buttes known as the Mittens to be the hands of a deity.
It is not hard to believe in when you actually believe in an all powerful deity.
He tests the deity, the deity tests him and together they create a contract.
Every activity involved buttering up one deity or another.
And no-one should ever be called upon to declare which deity he or she worships.
In animist communities, the baobab is seen as a deity which has chosen to live among the people.
For some people, the higher power may refer to faith in a deity.
If there was an all powerful supernatural deity that wanted us to believe in him he could easily convince us.
Any explanation that relies on something supernatural, such as a deity, is not science.
All these comments about where did everything come from, leave out the question of where a deity would come from.
Free will is only possible as given to us by a deity.
Such an accomplishment would necessitate all the attributes and perspective of deity.
He is referring to the temperamental deity above his village.
It is a form of puja performed by singing in praise of the deity.
The deity-recognizable by his characteristic slanted eyes and flattened and elongated head-is surrounded by several other people.
Her importance diminished and she became a lesser deity.
He supplicates no higher power: he sues the favour of no fickle and wayward being: he abases himself before no awful deity.
Suppose for a second you were an omnipotent deity who has lived for billions of years.
It was essentially a planetary system in which the moon as a masculine deity prevailed.
It's people who strongly believe in the existence of a particular deity.
Most people will fall into one of two categories, those that believe in a deity or deities, and those that do not.
So the merrymaking continued, but to a different deity.

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