dehydrated in a sentence

Example sentences for dehydrated

It was hot, no one got dehydrated and no one fainted from hunger.
Her feet were cold, she was dehydrated, and her forehead was on fire.
They do more than smell: they contain tiny bones that keep us from getting dehydrated.
Recently, he used dehydrated squash and sour cream powders to match a soup entree.
When the body is dehydrated, vasopressin levels rise, prompting the kidneys to hold onto water.
Anyone who has ever woken up dehydrated after a night of heavy drinking knows this feeling as a hangover.
She is thin, in that willowy, dehydrated way all socialites are thin.
The wraps were not effective at reducing browning of the partially dehydrated apple pieces.

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The duty of the Kantians is to the command of honor, to the voice of vocation and the Godhead within us, as the de... more
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