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The way to tell a true unit from a degree of something is to look at the zero point.
These are people who went to college but never got a degree.
Tuition is rising, the job market is weak, and everyone seems to be debating the value of a college degree.
Get an eye-opening warning of the dangers of climate change, one degree at a time.
Cool a gas of rubidium atoms to one-hundred-millionth of a degree above absolute zero or less and something strange happens.
Journalists seemed obsessed with determining the degree to which the novel was autobiographical.
Winters here are not consistent in their degree of chill.
For many students, earning a degree in engineering is less than enjoyable and far from what they expected.
Here's one way of cutting college costs: get a degree in three years, instead of four.
The economic value of a bachelor's degree varies by college major.
They found the wage premium from having a college degree increased while growth in the number of college graduates has slowed.
To what degree these and other differences originate in biology must be determined by research, not fatwa.
The volcano's gas cloud lowers global temperatures by a degree for three years.
Being locally native, or degree of water, are a big part of my definition.
If everyone has a university degree it becomes as pointless as a high school diploma, especially if it is a generalized degree.
Who cares about a degree or two increase in global temperatures.
The comment above displays an absolutely mind boggling degree of lack of intelligence and education.
Highly variable in leaf shape, color, and degree of spininess.
In particular, earning a degree and marrying before having children can help someone climb to a higher rung.
Some of these failed productions have managed to attain a degree of fame-or infamy.
The degree to which impermeability is a problem depends on the location of the pavement.
It was their degree of adaptability to changed conditions.
Of those who do get in, barely half end up with a degree.
Meanwhile social mobility-indeed, any chance of getting a good job-is ever more dependent on having a degree.
All decisions are made with incomplete knowledge and a degree of uncertainty.
Wing here and has a bachelor's degree in psychology.
Even after a further degree in naval architecture she was allowed only to design huge oil platforms-not to visit them.
Quadriplegics may gain a new degree of freedom via their tongues, if a new control system becomes widely available.
Well, if that's the case, the consumer electronics industry ought to have a master's degree by now.
Two years later she had received her degree in physics and the following year received her mathematics degree.
My undergraduate degree was in aerospace engineering and graduate degree was computation engineering.
It has expressed a modest degree of contrition and agreed to compensate those who can prove that their privacy was invaded.
What's more, it could perform the task with a fair degree of autonomy.
These data are being processed into maps that show the degree of destruction.
In this case, though, the angle through which the axes will precess is predicted to be a mere two-thousandths of a degree.
But many science teachers today, particularly in middle school and younger grades, do not have a science degree.
The students faced financial decisions that varied in both the degree of risk and the amount of money that could be won or lost.
While every business plan is developed with a certain degree of optimism, when the plan becomes fiction, you're in trouble.
Particularly in the early comics, the writers overused quotation marks to a nearly astonishing degree.
Certainly the staff would have had to have studied it to some degree in order to cast it.
From the degree and frequency of the dimming, the scientists are able to make inferences about the planets.
But the degree to which these hominids walked on the ground has been debated.
Held up at arm's length, your forefinger blocks out more than half a degree, enough to obscure the half-degree moon.
Over shorter evolutionary distances, the number of shared elements and degree of similarity increases.
It also doesn't require expensive equipment that can cool chambers at a third of a degree a minute.
The researchers seek to discover to what degree these and other factors are diminishing firefly populations.
The oceans can store vast amounts of heat because it takes a large amount of heat to raise water temperature one degree.
Dragline silk combines toughness and strength to an extraordinary degree.
Once they left home, she got a degree in educational psychology.
Degree and length of hold are the key measures: the theatre is important here, not the actual regret.
The school has a keen interest in action-learning techniques and this is apparent in degree and executive courses.
Paradoxically, discovering this relies on the fact that not everyone possesses it to the same degree.
Given the cost of higher education, it seems unlikely that signaling can be the main value of a college degree.
Being a stand-up comedian, you're an egomaniac, to some degree.
But economists are sharply divided on the cause of this inflation and the degree to which policy needs to be tightened.
But the degree of adaptation of species to the climates under which they live is often overrated.
Clou showed from the cradle that he inherited all his father's virtues in an eminent degree.
He went up at sixteen and took his degree at twenty.
But the current prices of labour at distant times and places can scarce ever be known with any degree of exactness.
One hundred year doth ask of space, for one degree to move.
The style and the method of composition are, in the highest degree, worthy of note.
Pundits and parents alike continue to second-guess the value of a college degree.
Master's degree required, doctorate degree is required for tenure.
To our taste, that yields the perfect degree of doneness.
Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of an object.
But the degree to which the mammals relied on their caches varied with changes in lemming abundance.
From the degree of damage, he hopes to deduce the animals' final state of awareness.
Sea creatures, from the miniscule to the monumental, may influence mixing to a surprising degree.
Still, as the price of a bachelors degree continues to rise, graduation rates have stagnated.
He had had a solid professional training when she married him: a master's degree in business administration.
They may feel the odd lurch, but they have no way of guessing the airplane's degree of bank.
Every single teacher can get a useless education degree, which basically requires a pulse.
Graduate degree in physics is also completely useless if you have to work in the industry.
The work suggests that, to some degree, evolution is predictable.
Over the years she has enrolled in various community colleges, but never to my knowledge has she completed a degree.
When patients suffer this much destruction--which is as severe as a third-degree burn--they need skin grafts.
The degree of the tilt corresponds directly with the level of bad news.
Years of defeats bred an understandable degree of caution.
He had a graduate degree in art history, and he liked to draw, though he did it badly.
With every additional degree of superheat, the blimp becomes twenty-five pounds lighter.
To some degree, these changes reflect science fiction's broadening readership.
Upon his return, he earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.
To the degree that space exploration involves manned missions, the need for better radiation detection is acute.
He didn't pay the same degree of attention to what she did online.
They were more agile than adults but they tended in the latter hours of the day to lose a degree of efficiency.
Unfortunately, they do not seem to be based on any serious degree of observation.
To this is added cutting of a high degree of eccentricity.
Future teachers have a strong academic education for three years, then enter a two-year master's degree program.
Most live on meager budgets, and a subway school may be their only chance for a bachelor's degree.
And the color is always within a defined degree of browns, beiges, and yellows.
But a premeditated joke or routine can be murderous in the first degree.
B ut it is a crime scene, whatever the remaining degree of denial within the company-which is considerable.
As feared, it is impossible to overstate the degree of their restlessness and disillusionment.
Later she enrolled in law school, but did not complete her degree.

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