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Example sentences for degrease

Degrease then gently bolt together a stack of new double-edged razor blades.
No, not the moist, lemony towelette you use to degrease your fingers after gnawing on hot wings.
Degrease engines only in facilities where wash water is appropriately treated and discharged to the sanitary sewer.
Cold cleaning degreasers range in size from bench-top units used to degrease small metal parts to industrial-sized cold cleaners.
Clean and degrease the face of metal panels using methods recommended by the retroreflective sheeting manufacturer.
To degrease a particularly greasy specimen, such as a marine mammal, you may have to bury it.
Degrease the bond length of the tendon prior to installation.
Both are commonly used to degrease manufacturing equipment.
If necessary, sharpen the edges with a file and degrease the bone by simmering it in a pan of water with a little dish soap.
Disposal of solvents used to degrease nuclear fuel target elements.
Examples of solvents include paint thinner or compounds used to clean and degrease auto parts.
Repeated or prolonged skin contact with liquid benzene can degrease the skin, causing it to crack and peel.
Can be used to clean concrete, degrease engines and as an immersion cleaner.
Most of the site contamination is from chlorinated organic cleaning solvents used to clean and degrease equipment.
Clean and degrease exterior concrete surfaces with a commercial concrete cleaner-degreaser.
Historically both organic and inorganic solvents were used to degrease equipment prior to maintenance or repair.
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