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Some say such events are degrading and anachronistic.
If he were belittling students through use of degrading epithets, that would be a different story.
First, hunters tend to prize taking out the largest and healthiest animals, thus degrading the genetic stock of their quarry.
Tourism can contribute to preserving your locale-or to degrading it.
The thin film allows batteries to charge and recharge quickly, but at the cost of significant degrading over time.
Cover the cloth with mulch to keep it from degrading in the sun.
Apple says it does this to prevent random programs from sucking down your battery and degrading your phone's performance.
It is blatantly unprofessional journalism to use such a degrading tone.
In many places, bottom sediment was blanketed with the slime, which does not appear to be degrading.
Policymakers need to figure out how to supply water without degrading the natural ecosystems that provide it.
But as you install applications, it slowly starts degrading over time.
The right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment is not one of these.
The use of fire by hunters and farmers is degrading forestlands.
Replacing the original concrete structure now degrading and leaking.
Prolonged, agonising deaths in which a patient's personality and sense of self-worth disintegrate can be degrading.
Putting too many variables into a model ends up degrading the results.
It is a greed-driven, unsustainable tourism model, degrading its terrestrial habitat and the surrounding reef system.
Sometimes the optic nerves swell so badly they bulge into the back of the eye, degrading vision and causing retinal hemorrhages.
Impressive colonial heritage, but rapidly degrading.
Many of the jokes would be considered degrading by some, a trait which certainly slashes the potential for humor.
No option can be kept open indefinitely without degrading.
They illustrate the proposition that mankind is capable of degrading his own environment to his own detriment.
Besides the popular disrelish for plain prose, there were other distracting and degrading influences.
It is not only offensive and degrading but panders to the basest thoughts and fears of the public.
Life in the aging, overcrowded prisons operated by many state agencies is dangerous and degrading.
Cars are often engineered to use only half the storage capacity of their batteries, to keep them from degrading.
More intense light also means that more performance-degrading heat must be dissipated using heat sinks or fans.
Previously, semiconductor slabs large enough to fit that many pixels without degrading image quality were prohibitively expensive.
It has a lower freezing point and can be exposed to higher temperatures onboard a plane without degrading.
In areas where electricity is scarce, blood may not be adequately refrigerated, potentially degrading a sample's quality.
By changing the angle of these mirrors, astronomer can compensate for the degrading effects of the atmosphere on starlight.
Now you have responsibility to provide scientifically acceptable substantiation of your self-defeating, self-degrading comments.
Previous research suggests that exposure produces a new form of learning, rather than degrading the fearful memory.
Such protests are growing in intensity and geographic reach, degrading the royal stature with every chant.
It is absolute evidence that humans are not evolving but are degrading.
The fissionable material is degrading all the time and after several years they will no longer be sufficient to be fissile.
To claim people come from children is demeaning and morally degrading.
Some of the dead matter escapes the degrading microbes and sinks into the deeper, darker layers of the ocean.
The bill before us allows the admission into evidence of statements derived through cruel, inhuman and degrading interrogation.
And unlike other herbicides that wind up in ground water, glyphosate stays where it's sprayed, degrading within weeks.
But until mug-shot chic sweeps the nation, having one's police booking photos printed or broadcast will continue to be degrading.
Electoral politics seems to be degrading and often humiliating business.

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