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The mentality of consumerism has degraded our grading standards.
The primary races have left us with a degraded political discourse.
He did not live to see human beings degraded to the status and condition of vermin eradicated by an insecticidal gas.
Either that, or she degraded oratory down to the level of poetry.
It is not merely that these people are degraded but that with such people not enough can happen.
Such attractions as these had definitely degraded the scope and province of the theatre.
The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.
The world is wearied of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.
Despising ambition as he did, he was not sorry to see it unmasked by such practices and degraded in his sight.
Such was my plan: but when you began, you spoilt and degraded it all.
And he contended that the threat from there has degraded over the last year.
One does not want such a grave charge as that to be degraded by propaganda to the point where it meets diminishing returns.
The street, and consequently the public realm in general, was degraded by the design of the mall.
The name, he says, is so degraded as to be basically banned from his both casual conversation and his regular newspaper column.
They have not given us any good deals yet and they have degraded our country in countless ways.
Shamed, debased and degraded, she pulls her car onto a train track and contemplates her demise.
Its shows numerous craters, including many large, degraded craters.
Browse this gallery to see photos of healthy and degraded reefs around the world.
The world's coral reefs touch our lives in many ways, yet an alarming number of them have been degraded or destroyed.
It had been previously logged and is heavily degraded, presumably awaiting conversion to pasture.
Orangutans stay in their now-degraded home territory, making them susceptible to starvation and disease.
Their habitat is shrinking and being degraded due to development.
Coastal water quality is degraded from pollution and sewage.
Storage media can become degraded and unreadable due to environmental conditions, mechanical wear, and other factors.
The newer layers are quite fresh appearing and visible, but the older layers are so degraded that they have almost disappeared.
Where the trees have been cut, the land is often degraded and desertification has set in as topsoil washes away.
Otherwise, these extraordinary forests will continue to be degraded by both legal and illegal mining.
In fact, the nature reserve has degraded even more quickly than the unprotected land surrounding it.
So long as this happens before our species is degraded completely, a big natural disaster would do the species some good.
When you put the oil into the engine, it is essentially degraded by heating it, and is also oxidized.
Thus reception can be either improved or degraded, depending on the placement of one's body.
Surface water bodies in these regions are already over-appropriated and degraded.
Some were displayed under bright lights or left in humid rooms, leading to fungal growth, metal corrosion and degraded plastics.
The fact is food production is already dropping measurably due to degraded soils.
And yes, the level of comments has degraded here, also.
But almost no nitrogen was found in the meteorites, consistent with what's seen in ancient fossils in which nitrogen has degraded.
The commodity, it was universally acknowledged, had been degraded.
Sugar could expand on degraded pasture with little or no effect on beef prices.
Prematurely abandoned, the degraded forest then falls to illegal loggers or it is cleared for agriculture, often by fire.
She told participants that one of the reasons why ecosystems become degraded is that their value to local people is often small.
The initial plan is to conduct a range of trials in small, ecologically degraded sites.
Given the appallingly slow and degraded system in place at the moment, it makes perfect sense.
There is enough degraded land available-maybe a billion hectares-to ramp up production without clearing forests.
Running for office has degraded to the level of the equivalent of selling a dry shampoo or a cavity-proof candy.
Forty per cent of the arable land has been degraded by fertilizers and pesticides.
This, it turns out, is the best means yet devised for rescuing degraded pasture lands.
Many observers fear that an environment degraded by climate change will not be able to support so many.
Is easy to understand the information you publish is degraded to a cheap propaganda level.
Neither degraded the computer's performance in any way.
The ancient rubber that has survived tends to be so degraded that it can't be tested for its mechanical properties.
The battery packs contain a type of lithium-ion cell that can be degraded by extreme temperatures.
Unfortunately, the government has exploited it ever since to help justify policies that have degraded the country's democracy.
So if the proteins simply decay without repair, every generation would get handed down a degraded set of proteins.
Until then, researchers believed that such tissue would have degraded eons ago.
But a small minority still interpret them as degraded strands of collagen, a protein that strengthens animal skin.
The system is purposely compromised, its accuracy intentionally degraded.
Sadly, the forests they winter in have been degraded by logging and cattle ranching for decades.
If the den is on a flat, the middens are soon degraded by rainfall--even a light sprinkling will undo preservation.
Studies of how neural tissue is degraded or copes with the disruption could give insights into these conditions.
When it evaporates, it can continue operation, but its images will be substantially degraded.
Even if the nylon has degraded in the solar radiation, its remnants will still be there.
In a larger context, newspapers and news outlets that engage in this sort of thing, will find their reputations degraded.
Lawyers' sense of humor may be exponentially degraded by intense bombardment from lawyer jokes.
Instead they have degraded into a quagmire of the same stale ideas by status-quo politicians.
We are doing tests with a resin that could easily be degraded out of the recycling stream if it were not planted in the garden.
If people demand that which really should be given out of kindness, they have degraded themselves to mere beggars.
Or that he felt degraded by the experience, by his powerlessness, and has been trying to feel powerful ever since.
Stations that either have degraded performance or are currently offline.
He rails against the world around him, which he abominates as degraded and contemptible.
In time, infantile societies become degraded, unable to meet the realities that face them.

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