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The flipside of the country's rapid growth is a worrying degradation of its environment.
Continuing degradation of forest fragments is the main threat to this ecoregion.
Thus, the main threats in the region are overgrazing and forest degradation, though these pressures are not too severe.
Logic dictates that climate change and habitat degradation affect the world's plants and animals.
And for some reason people seem willing to accept technology degradation if an item is small and cute.
We are in a race between control of our own fecundity and the degradation of the world's environment.
If they do find that a book could be susceptible to degradation, preservationists have options.
Plastics, polishes and glues undergo chemical degradation if left exposed to the Sun.
Breweries typically avoid the degradation of their product by packaging it in brown or green bottles to protect it from light.
Many are already subject to recurring droughts, floods and soil degradation that can wipe out their livelihoods.
Again, he committed the error of insisting that literary inefficiency must be accompanied by moral degradation.
The intellectual superiority of the oppressed people only rendered them more keenly sensible of their political degradation.
It only keeps everyone in a state of permanent degradation.
The population density of humans has gone way up and so has the habitat degradation.
There's no degradation of the battery, no variation in the performance.
There's plenty of destruction and degradation, but the works are not simply about that.
Beyond plastic degradation and its toxic ramifications, other refuse issues ensue.
There's something special about the ends of the chromosomes that protects them from degradation and fusion.
Most of the world's coral reefs aren't yet showing signs of this degradation, as ocean pH is slow to change and reefs form slowly.
There will be absolutely no image degradation, so every researcher gets the exact same data.
And they warn of further degradation from development related to the country's booming tourist industry.
First the dinosaur body had to escape predators, scavengers, and degradation by weather and water.
Prevent degradation by keeping the volume of tourists within maximum acceptable limits.
We cannot disconnect global warming from ocean degradation from deforestation from freshwater issues.
The only drawbacks seem to be rainy weather and environmental degradation from mining.
The half-century that is bracketed by the album and the film has witnessed both the expansion and the degradation of a dream.
Nothing but sin and degradation lie down the oyster-shucking road.
Degradation of this silvering probably explains its relative drop in performance.
One of the biggest problems with flash devices is oxide degradation upon repeated write cycles.
Robots can change either through damage or degradation, which is why it is important to make them self-aware, he says.
Aging is the degradation of the body's abilities to function, and to withstand changes from the environment.
No one has personified the enlivening, or degradation, of public-affairs programming more than he.
For artists and other creative types, it is the cultural degradation that's so depressing.
Far from being inhibited by their loss of privacy, they glory in mutual degradation.
It is working because even some of the old guard are now frowning upon any acts of brutality or degradation.
And environmental degradation and noxious pollution are storing up costs for the future.
All of the negatives in the form of environmental degradation and reduced government services are suffered by someone else.
First, the red cell membrane protects hemoglobin from degradation and protects tissues from the toxic effects of free hemoglobin.
The degradation of peatlands is a particular concern.
Those fixes could slow environmental degradation but might not solve the underlying cause.
Nature, by the way, is remarkably inventive when it comes to degradation bio and otherwise.
Biodiversity nullified the impacts of species specific degradation of the liveable environment.
Maybe, there is some degradation of the total energy in the system which never disappears.
Hydroelectricity generated from water stored in large dams cause land degradation.
There has been a continual degradation of any fashion sense in the past decade.
As soon as this book has finished wallowing in degradation, things start looking up.
It wasn't bound up with the seizure and degradation of public space.
Boulders will be used to prevent illegal off-road travel during low lake levels and prevent environmental degradation.

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