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The negative energy "sea" is a perfect degenerate nuclear matter.
Too often his stories degenerate into forgettable solipsism.
Without it, I might degenerate into a very dubious modality of mind.
That group became notorious for burning books and disrupting allegedly degenerate art exhibitions and performances.
The neutron stars also are very good examples of degenerate matter.
He despised what he called ''thoroughly degenerate'' abstract art.
Most politicians' blogs tend to degenerate into anodyne travelogues.
On the extreme scenario, I hope this does not degenerate to something sad.
Now things began to degenerate rapidly.
One is a degenerate cowboy, one is a civilized man.
Affected muscle groups degenerate in a fairly predictable sequence across individuals.
It reduces its adherents to becoming uncritical and degenerate in their thinking.
Cells of multicellular organisms are degenerate and fail to capture the true wonder of cell biology.
It is a degenerate-looking falcon, a coarse, long-legged bIrd that eats lizards.
Winnie got quieter, but the house began to degenerate.
In times of peace and security, the great forms in which he lives do so tend to degenerate.
For instance, society could easily degenerate into emphasizing formal degrees rather than performance capacity.
Chemical enantiomers will not be degenerate in properties if properly examined.
But the tendency to degenerate was fatal in all the despotic houses.
The meeting may then degenerate into brainstorming and arguing.
The traveler finds that in the future humans have split into two races, in their ways equally degenerate.
But unfortunately the conversations tend to degenerate quickly, as reflected in the article.
Jacobs doesn't see cause for worry, because the new cells seem to degenerate if they're not used.
Today, the fish are born with eyes that degenerate as they get older.
Their mouthparts are tiny and degenerate, and it's laughable to think of them inflicting any sort of injury on each other.
Worse still, he found signs that the existing supply had started to degenerate.
Now the star collapses to a degenerate object, without any ejection of matter or radiation.
The degenerate matter of an old stellar core doesn't seem to be it.
Overall, let's not degenerate into name-calling and other unpleasant practices seen on other blogs.
It's a bit disappointing to see commenting degenerate into name calling and poor vocab.
Conversations and even debates do not have degenerate into the inanity he illustrated.
But they should not allow their new-found appreciation of big companies to degenerate into a taste for picking national champions.
Fixing the public sector must not be allowed to degenerate into demonising it.
And they themselves are pretty degenerate and awful humans.
In the absent of commitments for members, it is prone to degenerate into a talk shop.
For the essence of the poem is a spiritual quest, the effort to find the divine trace in a degenerate world.
If anthropology must always degenerate into history, there are still occasions when history may be regenerated by anthropology.
Unlike some of the books of his time, this one does not degenerate into mere horse-play or farce.
Even such as are begun in the spirit, without the utmost precautions, will degenerate into a carnal affection.
Some modern examples of such customs, more or less degenerate, were described in the last chapter.
The anthropologist has to declare his opponent inferior and degenerate, the psychiatrist must diagnose him as mentally deranged.
Here follows a discourse on ancient boar-hunting, exalting it above the degenerate sports of the day.
Flying with your little ones does not need to degenerate into a seat-kicking, crying scene straight out of a sitcom.
There are less degenerate ways to solve the problem of airplane noise, an annoyance rapidly evolving into a menace.

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