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Whether the cricket is dead or alive, traditional wisdom is evidently defunct, a tedious chirp no one has time for.
Next we go 2341 feet underground in a defunct Minnesota iron mine to search for particles that could reveal dark matter.
As caretakers of a defunct hunting lodge, the couple settled into their winter idyll.
Of course, most of these satellites are soon to be (or already) defunct and funding for replacements has not been forthcoming.
Some of the hazard-avoidance technology comes from the defunct mine-sweeping robot.
Alongside these two, several defunct music halls are being reclaimed as places of entertainment.
The treasure found this time is the long-defunct business of the winter ice harvest.
The researchers used the defunct salmon to make a salient point.
One feels like his own ghost unlawfully tenanting a defunct carcass.
Including barns that survive on defunct farms, there are roughly 3 million barns across the nation.
Above, a defunct rail line in Chicago that the city hopes to turn into a park.
It also was the final chapter for the now-defunct charity.
Older, defunct volcanoes are not themselves uncommon.
The show is a decorous boneyard of defunct merriment, with the odd.
Now the weekly print magazine is defunct, but the rankings have taken on a life of their own.
These defunct stars have collapsed in on themselves, and as they get denser, their gravitation pull increases.
Snow particles piling up inside a giant abandoned cooling tower from a defunct powerplant.
It seems to me that you could use those defunct oil platforms as a place to base this type of operation.
Hitherto energized by its rejection of now-defunct progressive convictions, the political right today has also lost its bearings.
Now long defunct as a commercial proposition, the series is catnip for collectors in secondhand bookshops all over the planet.

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