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Example sentences for deftness

Without the deftness to get full value from his material, he had still a sharp eye for what was picturesque or dramatic.
Of course, the effort to appoint a partner needs to be handled with deftness and sensitivity.
He was the one who breathed deftness and grace into the actors' kicks and jumps.
But he posed one too many challenges to his ability to pull off feats of daring and deftness.
The directors have transferred all the deftness and talent of their shorter films into an artful big screen realization.
The strings are slowly drawn together with extreme deftness.

Famous quotes containing the word deftness

If a joyous elephant should break forth into song, his lay would probably be very much like Whitman's famous "Song of My... more
I feared these present years, The middle twenties, When deftness disappears, And each event is Freighted w... more

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