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Each is a deftly woven tale of corruption and desperation.
When an object is partially hidden, the brain deftly reconstructs it .
He repeated the exercise with a mango, deftly avoiding the large flat pit.
It has skilfully taken advantage of globalisation, deftly responding to changing markets and transport routes.
It is a series of lively stories, full of first-hand reporting, deftly woven together.
The choreography moves deftly from quiet pantomime to vaudeville razzmatazz.
In both cases the communication was handled deftly and with praise.
He dares him to a fight and taunts him so deftly that tears come.
Filmmakers who can deftly change moods are treasures and even marvels.
They are often seen with a clam or mussel and a rock that has been deftly snared from the ocean floor.
Having deftly touched down, the mosquito stabs and saws her way into the fine web of blood vessels in the skin.
As he swung back into the cliff, he deftly slammed another cam into the crack.
Waiters cocoon your leftovers in tin foil which they then deftly shape into animals likes swans or seahorses.
When served clams sealed with steel wire, for example, octopuses deftly switched from prying to drilling.
He deftly shakes crickets-frog breakfast-from a plastic bag into dozens of tanks.
In addition, the stiffened cells can't squeeze through small blood vessels as deftly as normal cells.
Sphero is waterproof, so it can navigate your pool, though it doesn't move as deftly.
Less deftly handled, the treatment of such a subject could have fallen into a number of traps.
The president deftly extricated himself in characteristic fashion.
The facts and anecdotes are handled deftly, without preening.
The author deftly unpacks this myth, questioning the supposed contrast on which it rests.
But deftly done, such moves send a discreet signal to voters with a taste for a stronger political message.
Saying no would normally bring a severe punishment, but he deftly turned military discipline back on itself.
Again and again he deftly articulates the experience of watching the great players at work-or rather, at play.
Incidental figures and decorative motifs are deftly integrated in extended formats as much as eight feet high or ten feet long.
Scrapping amateurism deftly sidesteps all of the above.
But that doesn't change the fact that coming out against security theater is a winning political move, especially if done deftly.
Weeds is not alone in its ability to transition deftly from laughter to tears.
Realism is thus about deftly playing the hand that has been dealt you.
Still, as she deftly fashions her hair into a neat coil, she remembers how her husband would always compare it to monsoon clouds.
Sodas are turning into a third rail, and her reply deftly avoided it.
Bios deftly built an agent-based model, the favored device of complexity researchers.
In the infamous ad, the blade carved through tin cans with ease and then deftly cut paper-thin slices of tomato.
New research suggests that a healthy mind deftly flips between these techniques when facing unpleasant emotions.
But even better would be a real initiator, a chemical lighter fluid that deftly encourages atoms to combine.
The sugar is fermented out, however, which makes it a deftly complex fruit beer rather than cloying.
By deftly blending his decorative methods, the potter has produced a varied and colorful design.
The public is invited to observe the contestants as they deftly weave leis from colorful island flowers and foliage.
They deftly wrap their tentacles around their intended prey.
If they do not handle the inquiries deftly, it will reflect badly on your program.
Expert arrangers deftly use the natural qualities of stems, leaves, and flowers to build the lines and drama of an arrangement.
Glowing with a ghostly luminescence, the wolverine deftly breaks open and eats all three eggs, leaving the empty shells.
Deftly folding the paper into the shape of a handgun, he made several for his compatriots.
Lewis deftly untangled the bird, which snapped and clacked its beak.
Creatively and intelligently, this team deftly shaped the system and eloquently gave voice to the line.

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