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But as long as the deft bird-catcher has other choices, he is probably clever enough to limit the violence.
The natural look of the landscape conceals deft craftsmanship.
He swiftly explained the tactical situation with deft scribbles on the plastic overlay covering a large topographical map.
It features deft directing, stellar acting and breathtaking scenery.
It would also require the deft touch of a skillful craftsman.
His opening press conference is a deft, smooth performance.
You'll find it sheer fascination to watch a block of wood take shape under the deft manipulation of a lathe chisel.
The story, unfurling mainly in flashback, is a deft depiction of wartime Rome.
Given his intelligence, ambition and deft handling of the media, the general is talked of as a possible future president.
The repair to realign the switch is pretty simple, but definitely requires a deft touch.
He never stopped the deft folding and twisting with his nimble fingers as he talked.
Deft manipulation of perspective gives viewers a detailed look inside the human circulatory system.
Goshawks are deft killers capable of snatching a blue jay out of the air, but this one had lost the crucial element of surprise.
Making a sharp argument requires substantial planning and deft thinking.
Some businesses will come up with deft ways of turning green policies into profits.
Perhaps local officials are failing to spot the brightest entrepreneurs-those deft enough to avoid the bureaucrats.
In place of deft interventions, she has let policy differences get out of hand.
But the deft script is its strong suit, imbuing the story with sharp wit.
Deft cooking techniques retain the food's nutritional quality and rich, fresh flavors.
She is also an appealing dancer, moving with deft efficiency.
Her eye discerns beauty, her deft fingers create it, and to her the home is indebted for its artistic power to educate.
The guiding of thought and the deft coordination of deed is at once the path of honor and humanity.
His plastic hand is deft enough to grasp a wide variety of objects without damaging them.
Maneuvering safely requires deft use of a nylon rope that they tie off every time a cave wall turns.
Singer's deft diagnosis came courtesy of a medical newsletter, one of a burgeoning arsenal published for consumers.
After such deft sleight of hand, it's not surprising to learn that the director's preferred medium is magic.
Updating the prison genre in a deft, well-played tale of revenge.
But its high production values and deft editing are new.

Famous quotes containing the word deft

re-enact at the vestry-glass Each pulpit gesture in deft dumb-show That had moved the congregation so.... more
...many men choose a wife amid the deft-fingered clerks in preference to the society misses. The woman cler... more
And grief stirs, and the deft Heart lies impotent.... more
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