defray in a sentence

Example sentences for defray

Many company-owned aircraft are made available to rental firms to help defray the cost.
The entry fee helps defray the cost of running the photo contest.
Your local water provider may even offer a rebate to help defray the cost.
The grand-geeks kicked in with some help on this matter to help us defray costs.
The increases have driven publishers to look for ways to defray or avoid the postal increases.
If you could defray the costs over the lifetime of the home, you would choose to invest in the windows.
Revenue from the existing ad space and newsstands within the system could be used to help defray some of the costs.
Perry said he was counting on federal help to defray much of the cost.
Vending machines are often considered a necessary evil, because their revenues help defray other school costs.
Both would pump money into the system and help defray the costs of reform.
The bigger goal is to defray the costs of fish farming, an increasingly important source of the world's seafood.
Money raised goes to help defray the costs of legal fees for scientists who are the subjects of the above-mentioned witch hunts.
Monies received help defray the cost of veterinarian bills.
The allowance is intended to help defray the increased cost of clothing due to wear and tear caused by the use of such appliances.
The ten that are chosen will be given a small amount of money to help defray travel costs to the meeting site.
Donations are requested to defray the cost of meals.
Grantees are encouraged to earn income to defray program costs.
Your registration fee will defray the cost of materials, publications, and related expenses.
These offenders pay daily fees to help defray operation costs.
Advertising revenues defray the cost of printing the calendar.
The program awards state grants to help qualifying organizations defray the capital costs of new facilities or major renovations.
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