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Unfortunately as you might imagine, ophiolites are usually extensively deformed and metamorphosed.
Also note the beautiful submarine valley heading out seaward of the continental slope onto the less-deformed oceanic plate.
He judged that those recuperated from the earthquake debris had been weakened by being deformed and subsequently straightened.
Nearly half the frogs in many areas are deformed in some way.
If the nail falls off completely, it will eventually grow back, although it might be deformed.
Many are the deformed spirits of people who weren't properly cremated, some no larger than your thumb.
As a result, the mirror was deformed and it is unable to produce the precise images its designers hoped to achieve.
Over time, joints may lose their range of motion and may become deformed.
As voltage was applied, the muscles deformed intermittently, converting electricity into mechanical energy.
But if you touch a pool, the image gets deformed and disappears.
Also essential is that the ocean floor be deformed vertically.
Thus, bones used for study have been slightly, but steadily deformed over the ages.
Volcanic activity later fractured and deformed the aquifer and gave rise to the present-day landscape.
At room temperature it was actually liquid, and thus flowed when deformed, rather than breaking.
Julia is mildly deformed, fragile, and severely pious.
She begins with a deformed sphere and adds some connection points which can later develop into tentacles or other features.
Taken in the first trimester, the drug caused babies to be born with deformed or missing limbs.
When she walked, one could see that she was deformed, almost a hunchback.
The bowling ball's weight deforms the medium of the mattress, and the deformed medium influences the marble's movement.
Of those clones born alive, many are abnormally large or grossly deformed.
These deformed proteins gather in large clumps that wreck brain tissue.
Reality deficit disorder leads to deformed decisions causing economic cloudy days.
We have a deformed monkey gene in us that makes speech possible.
Some array of sensors are needed to make sure materials are not being deformed or failing in some way.
In the lower right crater, the softer surface material deformed and splashed back, forming a shallow bowl.
If that change works by causing some cells to be deformed, then that's how it works.
Peyton draws with her left hand and holds the etching plate with her right, which is deformed.
One challenge in creating stretchable electronics is to develop an electrode that maintains its conductivity when deformed.
The darkest side may not even be all the deformed and suffering would be clones who are put down.
Reality deficit disorder justifies deformed decisions creating economic cloudy days.
Samples consist of uncoated and epoxy coated deformed bars, plain steel for fabric reinforcement.
In one case the underlying bone was notably deformed, being strongly curved laterally from the base of the beak.
Any object that can be continuously deformed into this shape has the same global structure.

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