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Example sentences for deflected

He deflected machete blows to the head with his hand.
The solar particles are deflected to the polar regions along the magnetic field lines.
It may be bifid, and is sometimes deflected to one or other side.
Wright's actual technology was rather different from mine however in that he used deflected plates rather than membranes.
The pair resists being deflected by random positive and negative charges in the materials.
One by one, they picked off the bots, and by dawn they had deflected the attackers.
Ice halos are rings and arcs of light that appear when sunlight is deflected through ice crystals.
Unfortunately, my questions were deflected by responses from the floor.
As they travel, they are deflected by a magnetic field.
However, the impression they give is that the prime minister will not be easily deflected from the course he favours.
The magnetic field deflected the particles, creating a small bubble of safety.
The executioners were not aware of this and some bullets really did get deflected as these unfortunates were shot.
Protons and other positive ions are deflected to the left--the dawn side.
Little events deflected him enormously: a mistake someone made while diluting an herbicide, a flyer received in the mail.
So that birds can not go through and will be deflected.
The rise of those barriers would have deflected prevailing winds and unleashed new ones, according to computer models.
Didn't always directly answer the questions but deflected and hedged with offhand subtlety.
Once the lovers disappear, it settles into a film of silent accusations and deflected anguish.
By fiddling with currencies, however, the adjustments needed are being deflected.
He deflected the talk about the relationship and said ultimately he was not bothered by it.
It is also established that a particle might be deflected up or down, depending on its charge.

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