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Example sentences for deflation

No one has a crystal ball for inflation or deflation.
The deflation risk is closely linked to global imbalances.
Two wide mouth valves ensure fast inflation and simple deflation.
Some economists argue that worldwide overcapacity threatens to unleash deflation in the world economy.
However, with inflation falling rapidly in so many countries, deflation is emerging as a threat.
Gesell argued that a higher velocity of money helps combat deflation.
Deflation alarms economists because it can quickly send the economy into a downward spin.
Of course, concerns about deflation and slow growth are closely interlinked.
Deflation naturally happens as production growth outpaces monetary growth.
He thinks the rise in bond yields to date is due more to optimism about the economy than fear of deflation.
Deflation is a painful process, which invariably takes a toll on growth and employment.
Measly as those yields may be, they are still positive in real terms because of the country's long record of deflation.
Most economists do not believe deflation will happen.
The result will be rising interest rates, and deflation.
One involves high unemployment, economic contraction, and wage and price deflation stretching out for many years.
For consumers, deflation is a delight: money grows more valuable as it rests in the purse or pocket-book.
If that happens, it could cause deflation, or falling prices.
Signed financial page talk story about the possibility of deflation.
They will have to discount the prospects of deflation and inflation, default and disintegration.
The third is that deflation is also bad, and at the lower percentage values, often even worse than inflation.
The economy has teetered on the edge of deflation for two years.
Today, the economy is lousy again with possible deflation and high unemployment.
Deflation is a bigger worry than inflation right now.
The economy was weakening so much that the worry was about deflation rather than inflation.
In the rich world, where demand is weak and deflation a risk, the calculus is different.
However, the spectre of deflation has still to be banished.
Anxiety about deflation remains justified: any sign of it would require much bolder measures from the central bank.
To the extent that markets were worried about deflation, that might be a reason for equities to rally.
However, there is not a lot of evidence that markets are worried about deflation.
First, deflation occurs slowly and is unpleasant and may well worsen the problem of household indebtedness.
With bank credit stalled, the economy would likely slip into deflation.
They do have tools to try to ward off deflation, and should use them.
Little wonder that consumption is lacklustre and the economy is in deflation: workers of all ranks have not shared the wealth.
It has far fewer tools at its disposal for battling deflation, not a remote risk.
If you have a lot of debt, nothing is more frightening than deflation.
Those who have jobs are richer because of the deflation.
Early this year, government officials were desperate about what seemed a relentless slide into recession and deflation.
Double deflation is the technique used to estimate real value added of an industry.
Economic weakness, in turn, has led to a sustained deflation that has proven unexpectedly difficult to cure.
Early bills: concern about deflation and focus on price levels.
In the event of deflation, the interest payment decreases.
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