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In the first meeting between the two parties' leaders since the war, they pledged to work towards a definitive end to hostilities.
We couldn't offer the young man any definitive information about his mother.
While not definitive, it is also not just blind conjecture.
Without modern genetics, no definitive answers could be given.
There are some guesses, some interesting experiments, but nothing definitive.
Although there are theories, definitive explanations are hard to come by.
Our goal here is not to criticize students or provide a definitive answer to the problem presented.
For a definitive diagnosis, labs still rely on the gold-standard technique: a culture.
Five decades later, there's no definitive answer.
The research on writing response seems to be pretty definitive that students do not read those types of coded comments.
For polar dinosaurs to provide more definitive evidence on dinosaur metabolism and extinction, we'll need more fossils.
Only that kind of experiment, he says, can suggest anything definitive about causation.
There cannot be a definitive account of fatherhood from an evolutionary perspective.
But even they acknowledge that there is no definitive proof to identify the source of the chemicals.
Definitive results could take weeks to emerge, giving ample opportunity for vote-padding and shaving.
The review will not satisfy those looking for definitive answers.
The result is a fascinating and definitive history of the race to the moon.
But the non-negotiable core is for an open-access, web-based system that would set out to be definitive.
None of the three main proposals for the future of the company looks definitive.
They shouldn't be considering this until they have a definitive way to scan without removing shoes.
But none of these approaches has produced definitive results.
Definitive exclusions are easily obtained by those skilled in the art.
They gradually came to see merits in diversity, and so became skeptical about definitive solutions in human affairs.
The fact that everyone had definitive looks at this pivotal play was no accident.
Results were somewhat more promising, though far less definitive, for flaxseed.
It is too complex for simple definitive predictions and testing.
Studies of exercise and memory in humans have been promising but not yet definitive.
It went into great detail about the chicken manure but drew no definitive conclusions.
Proven is definitive, you have actual fact to show something occurred and how it happened.
Experimental resolution would provide a definitive resolution.
There are many signs of cancer, none of them definitive on their own.
Until these effects are well under control, a definitive measurement of frame dragging is impossible.
It seems likely to continue until some definitive evidence can answer the question one way or the other.
The report finds less definitive evidence for a link to other cancers.
Such tactics are rarely definitive and always slow-moving.
Rather than a definitive, static image, a light-field visual object is intrinsically interactive.
The researchers consider their results more preliminary than definitive.
We got some hints throughout the season, but never a definitive answer.
Rosenthal's picture was the war's definitive photo op.
The research didn't provide a definitive reason, but the authors offer an intriguing theory.
It would be silly to form any definitive conclusions based on them.
It was meant to inspire further study, not be a definitive declaration.
But while long pauses or nervous chatter might make people seem suspicious, they're not definitive evidence of actual falsehood.

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