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He had the gestures and voice of a man who is definitely in the right.
Something's definitely wrong with this.
I've replayed the moment a thousand times in my head; it was definitely a lesson learned.
Yes, definitely.
More advanced designs are definitely possible.
But you definitely don't want all your Word documents, financial software files and other personal data accessible to strangers.
There's definitely something missing in this theory.
It was definitely time for a family camping trip.
It sounded like the biggest adventure I could ever have, and it's definitely living up to that.
This ecoregion is definitely an important center for biodiversity.
And swishing and swirling wine across your palate definitely makes the mouth feel good.
As far as showing all the climate changes happening at once, it's definitely over the top.
While it's obviously full of joy, there are definitely times of uncertainty.
For the serious photographer, f-stops and shutter speeds were definitely not instinctive.
Yeah you can definitely tell that the author had something epic in mind but it was definitely confusing.
No matter what time of year you visit, you'll definitely need both.
The rock bottom mixed with all sorts of corals is definitely worth protecting.
Today, he said, the situation has definitely not improved and has probably grown worse.
But that sighting was hurried and definitely unconfirmed.
Its popularity is definitely not only, or even mainly, a matter of time-saving efficiency.
No privileged or subsidiary motion can be laid on the table, postponed definitely or indefinitely, or committed.
Its fibers acquire their medullary sheaths early, but their connections have not been definitely determined.
Bok realized that he could not definitely show any one the way.
Their state of satisfaction is definitely affected by the question of more or less of this thing.
The definitely stated argument of the poem is an obvious begging of the question.
Thus everything is definitely determined, and nothing is left to caprice.
The language of letters has more definitely divorced itself from the dialect of everyday life.
During the sixties realism hovered in the air without definitely alighting.
In it they spoke their principles as plainly and as definitely to the world.
He had so definitely decided on the course he meant to pursue that for the moment he could not readjust his thoughts.
Even a near relative comes definitely for a week, or a month, or whatever period is selected.
He had now, definitely and finally, made his decision.
Asparagus is definitely a favorite vegetable of mine, as well.
All that glitters is definitely not gold when it comes to casinos.
Definitely more or less, or the same as last year.
The hiccups seem to definitely be a product of possible other issues.
Most of the times, less is more and your opinion on this matter definitely highlights that.
Their machine is definitely a fundamentally simple approach.
Modeling such a highly turbulent flow must be a touch challenge definitely.
Of course, when you wanted to get out of the water again, the weights would definitely make it harder.
The need for further research definitely is the only valid result of this study.
Pictures of glaring eyes would definitely make me feel more unsafe in unsafe areas.
From his appearance, he's definitely not exercising much, wherever he goes during the day.
The reference which you cite is definitely one of your fellow trolls.
It's great to finally hear that the troops are definitely coming home by the holidays for good.
What consolidation definitely does involve is bolting together natural product monopolies.
The photographs themselves are so powerful and the message is definitely conveyed well to whoever gets to see it.
With this taken in consideration, countries should definitely consider promoting this idea and applying it.
The yen fits the bill on that count while the dollar definitely does not.
Big and beefy, this luscious cut of meat definitely has a celebratory presence.
And the pressure-cooker models are definitely appealing, since they allow you to make rice and beans in one shot.
Plus the vibe at this new locale is super chill, and you'll definitely feel that you're being well cared for.
But the public food, all too often a plate full of grease followed by a plate full of custard, could definitely be bleak.
Then, when it had been established that the mango was definitely ripe, near insanity set in.
It is not a sin, but it definitely interferes with clear vision.
There's definitely some groupthink that needs to be recalibrated.
Feel free to skip the next paragraph if you're not interested, though introverts will definitely find it engaging.
We definitely need to ensure widespread access to a good education, including college education.
Even though the economy is a net job loser, we're definitely flirting with real job growth.
Only more research can definitely determine the health impacts of low-doses of radiation, if there are any.
Twitter is a different approach but this is definitely a whole different idea.
Off the beaten track, maybe, but definitely worth it for being permanently cleansed of the sin of envy.
It was definitely a friend-telling-a-friend type of situation.
They are definitely resisting making the suggestion that the treatment is worse than the disease.
It becomes clear that the possum is definitely not dead, as they look back and see it walking across the road.
It is sixteen years old, not exactly shabby but definitely worn.
It turned out that the incentives they were reacting to weren't socially beneficial, but they definitely reacted to them.
On balance, they definitely mean architectural progress.
There's definitely some sort of give and take-it's a communal experience during the live shows.
There are definitely people working in this area however.
Silicon will still remain king for the foreseeable future but things are definitely moving much faster now.
All three of these options are risky, increasingly expensive and are definitely not long-term solutions.
Utilizing the web history would definitely make the results too narrow.
Now, there's definitely value in trying to articulate how the market you are playing in will develop.
And the priced voice service will definitely disappear sooner or later, keeping its place to voip, video and text communication.
There are tricks that definitely extend battery lifetime significantly, depending upon the chemistry.
We can't definitely say when the pain center or the memory center is shut off.
It is definitely encouraging that the coal power plants are being retrofitted with some sort of scrubbing technology.
Such aliens would definitely prowl the galaxy and actively search for good planets.
As with all of medicine, a personal anecdote does not mean that something definitely prevents or treat something else.
As an antibiotic sidekick, it's definitely still on the mysterious side.
The data aren't nearly conclusive enough to say that it's definitely there.
So this leap was definitely an extremely risky undertaking.
The ability to consider alternative images in an explicit way is definitely evolutionarily advantageous.
Definitely not usable in slums that have no place to plant.
They're definitely a cut above their clumsy predecessors.
Definitely enough to keep us speeding recklessly down the road to revenge.
She has the chops to do character roles, and this was definitely a character role for her.
In this last one, she definitely took a beating at times, going through some walls.
There's definitely contentiousness between the characters but a wonderful camaraderie between the performers.
Well, if you're suspecting your lover is having an affair, it's definitely devastating.
So, the film is definitely being used as a tool of awareness and hopefully to impact change.
In fact, it's definitely possible to quit smoking without gaining weight.
Also you will be interested to know that the weight of water can definitely cause earthquakes.
But we're definitely on the cusp of a new era of do-it-yourself dermatology.

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