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Until recently, severe spinal cord injuries came with a fairly definite diagnosis of paralysis, whether partial or complete.
I'm really grateful to you for finding some mistakes with my definite and indefinite articles.
Leaves have definite stalks.
In fact, merely polling soon began to elicit a definite aura of politics.
But there's a definite increase in the number of cases we're seeing.
The answer is a definite no.
Set definite boundaries and stick to them.
Corruption, though it seems to be everywhere, is hard to define and has no definite antidote.
But at each step of the complex operations involved, each bit has a definite value.
This isn't a flawless cookbook, but for the burger lover, it's got definite appeal.
Like most Champagne aficionados, he has definite opinions about the glass in which it should be served.
There was a definite need to improve upon the design of autonomous underwater vehicles.
The material might be used in airplanes, cars and sporting goods, though no definite plans are in the works.
You'll know it's at the right stage if drawing a spoon through the gelatin leaves a definite impression.
Now they are definite, and when such regions become autonomous, they can insist on the definite articles being dropped.
After this, it said, there would be a definite rise in temperature.
The children would, accordingly, be bright and better fed-definite advantages in the survival stakes.
So any algorithm that can respond faster than human traders has a definite edge, he says.
Furthermore, there appeared to be a definite slant in your reporting.
It makes them look dynamic and creative, without committing them to any definite action.
What is more, there are definite local variations in vocabulary as well.
What they need to do in the first place is to consolidate their business and create definite verticals to remain focussed.
It appears that large cash holding give a definite strategic advantage.
The probes showed a definite correlation between the two waves, confirming that the hiss wave comes from chorus.
Close encounters of the predator kind are on a definite upswing and so are injuries and deaths.
The magnetic field does not fade off into space, but has definite boundaries.
Being camped here has some definite advantages: no rain and no locals to distract you constantly.
But there was a definite uneasiness about these strange politics.
The pit zips are a definite necessity for outdoor activities, although they're a little stiff and uncomfortable.
Zippered outside pockets and additional inside pockets are a definite plus.
There is a definite difference in how the dogs behave with me versus with my husband.
Employers are often willing to hire a worker for a specific project with a definite stop date.
Similar researches on other aspects of mental phenomena also reveal a definite correlation to brain activity.
Students who don't get a definite big firm offer need to realize that the ship has sailed and start looking at other options.
My tenure case was still winding its way through the appropriate university channels, with nothing definite as yet.
Five of the six adults showed slight but definite improvement.
Let the employer know that salary is a consideration for you and see what the response is before you state a definite number.
Grant applications for which one has received a definite turndown should not be listed at all.
The best works of both fiction and nonfiction open up worlds and ideas even as they tell a story that has a definite end.
There are many things you can try to improve ratings, but there is also a definite limit to how much you can change them.
One of my colleagues has a definite paranoid streak.
After a few days, she took a definite turn for the worse.
It is difficult to get anything definite about the matter.
Little definite information about the accident could be secured last night.
Stirred into the dough and sprinkled on top, the herb has a definite but not overpowering presence.
Some authors have even supposed that, as the individual has a definite length of life, so have species a definite duration.
We now learn that it has also a definite feeling for patterning on the level of grammatical formation.
But in spite of the absence of definite organization, there was essential unity of belief among the dissenters.
At all events, a definite decision will be reached during the next few years.
Civilization is a progress from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity toward a definite, coherent heterogeneity.
Likewise our knowledge of the connections between the subdural and subarachnoid spaces is hardly definite.
To me, that is the living and definite element-principle of the work, evolving everything else.
First there was an uneasy desire for change, for some big definite movement to her life.
All this, though it whetted my curiosity, told me little that was definite.
Let us suppose that these fables were things without any definite purpose, made only for pleasure.
We have finally reduced the definite conception of morality to the idea of freedom.
When an important crime is committed a series of definite and invariable activities go forward at once.
It is not important that these words bear any relation to reality or even that they have any definite meaning.
It was a good question, but the answer seemed to be a definite non.
When you are under their spell, you may shudder at the gaucherie of ever wanting something more definite.
Dung is at a definite disadvantage there, and because of that disadvantage coprolites are rarer than bone fossils.
To make a long story short, stars have a definite life span, and our sun is no exception.
And the gory mental images of organs being harvested from a body give a definite negative affect to the exchange.
We simply don't know enough about the mechanisms involved to form definite conclusions.
Universities have neither a well-defined goal nor a definite chain of command.
Even if a definite connection is proven between the virus and obesity, there is no telling which causes the other.
But the attempt still produces something of definite worth and intellectual value.
The reason that coastlines, with their jagged edges, don't have a definite length is because they are examples of fractals.
As it is well established, particles have no definite state until they are observed.
Unlike the vaccination question, there is no definite right or wrong here.
It would surely be best to alleviate as much porcine suffering as possible, so these alternatives would be a definite improvement.
However, at any moment the register has one definite state.
So you had some definite opinions about how these songs needed to be performed.
Before giving a definite yes or no, she told me, she would have to see a final draft of the script.
If you arrive at a port stop without definite plans, you will find dozens of vendors waiting for you when you step off the ship.
It was a definite bummer at the time, but the safety of our fans was the top priority.
From this time on the flights were not over definite courses, and the distances traveled were measured by this instrument.
He worked in a definite logical system and mathematicians hoped that his result depended on the peculiarities of that system.
Power evacuation from independent sources can be tricky due to the constraints of maintaining a definite frequency of supply.
Regardless, some understanding of the genetic component and successful modulation it is a definite step in the right direction.
While this study is a definite step forward it is not an isolated inquiry or completely original in thought.
Obviously, it doesn't work in exactly the same way as a brain scan, but there are definite parallels that can be made.
The list of definite successes is not overwhelmingly impressive.
Always their first aim was to find a concrete target, to visualize their cause in some definite and defiant opponent.
The three steps outlined above are safe, cost-effective, and definite.
The public has been heavily propagandized along one definite theory of causation by those convinced by one level of information.
But then there should be a definite commitment to proceed beyond there.
He couldn't remember ever having any definite ideas.
There is a definite disconnect between these two actions.
Your commencement speaker will avoid declarative statements leading to definite conclusions wherever possible.
Today, the military insists on being given a definite, achievable goal before launching a mission.

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