defining moment in a sentence

Example sentences for defining moment

Most of us don't consider childbirth to be the defining moment of our lives.
It has become a major, defining moment, for those who pursue the political and social propaganda.
It is thus considered a defining moment in the history of science.
Her dying was the defining moment of my life and it overshadowed everything else about her.
But when they come, it'll likely be a defining moment for urban surveillance.
The plans set out in the post-election budget for the next parliament will be a defining moment for any new government.
Weather becomes a defining moment in any large-scale event.
For millions of people, it is a defining moment in their lives.
Large-scale special events, such as world's fairs and conventions, often can serve as a defining moment for a city.
More than any other image of that day, however, the champagne photo seems to capture a defining moment in our nation's history.
The teacher would then discuss that each generation has a significant defining moment.
The attacks were a defining moment for emergency preparedness.
Yet the aforementioned don't possess a single defining moment that leaves a perpetual image describing the action.
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